Gowdy: ‘Disconnect cannot continue’ between Trump and intelligence community

If I wanted to become a dictator in the United States,

  1. I would mostly work within the law until I have consolidated power

    1. I would use this media network to spread my propaganda that characterized my supporters as patriotic and my political opponents as unpatriotic or inhuman

    2. I would identify vulnerable minority groups and convince my supporters that these groups pose a mortal threat to their way of life and existence

    3. I would use my media network to malign all sources of news and opinion outside of my media network so my supporters solely rely on sources I approve of for information

    4. I would use the Us vs. Them mentality I have created with my media network to inflame the outrage of my supporters

    5. I would channel the outrage of my supporters into voting movements to improve my party’s election results

    6. I would use my party’s election gains to pass legislation and appoint judges and bureaucrats who will lawfully suppress votes against my party

    7. I would use my propaganda to convince my followers they may have to use force to overthrow the government

  2. I would run for president at an auspicious time

    1. I would time my campaign to coincide with deep disillusionment with the major political parties

    2. I would stoke my supporters’ mistrust of and disappointment in their party leaders and government institutions

    3. I would portray myself as a…

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