Amy McGrath APPEARS to Have Won a Shot at McConnell

 The Story:

Democrats in Kentucky voted Tuesday, or in many cases had voted in advance of Tuesday, on which of ten candidates they wish to have run for the US Senate in November. The winner of this primary is to take on the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R).


The top two candidates in the large field represent the two sides in the deep center-versus-left split in the US Democratic Party. McGrath is a centrist, with endorsements from several Senators of center/left reputation, including Amy Klobuchar (D – MN), Jeff Merkley (D – OR) and Chris Murphy (D – CT). McGrath endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign early this year.

Her chief rival, Charles Booker, is a progressive, with endorsements from Senators Bernie Sanders (I – VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D – MA). Booker supports both single payer health care and the package of environmental goals nowadays referred to as the “green New Deal.” Within the Kentucky electorate, that could give Senator McConnell powerful ammunition for an attack in the coming months, were Booker to get the nomination.

The Thing to Know:

Many votes are still uncounted, but as of this writing McGrath has a substantial lead over Booker.

[SUBSEQUENT INTERPOLATION: By June 30 the count was effectively complete, and McGrath had in fact won the nomination.]

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