A Stand-Out Moment for Sen. Klobucher at the Latest Dem Debate

The Story:

Six candidates for the 2020 nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States met in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday, January 15. Senator Amy Klobucher vigorously pressed her view of herself as a pragmatist, in opposition to what she sees as the pie-in-the-sky nature of the promises of some of the other candidates.

One Moment:

One stand-out moment for Sen. Klobucher (MN) took place when one of the moderators asked why she has not supported a full ban on “fracking,” which is the practice of getting gas or oil out of the ground through pumping a watery sludge downward to force the gas or oil to move. The more formal name for this process is “hydraulic fracturing.”

Many environmentalists are dubious (or worse) about fracking. They claim for example that the sludge gets back into the local water supply. Further, climate activists think it is a bad idea precisely because it is effective at its goal: producing a lot of oil and gas.

The Thing to Know:

Whether you agree with her or not, it is worth understanding that Klobucher made her view very clear. She will not ban fracking, especially with regard to natural gas. She said, “I actually see natural gas as a transitional fuel.” It is the cleanest of the hydrocarbons. Her implication was that the US needs fracking to get the natural gas, and that it needs the natural gas to get through a transition until a “carbon neutral” energy system is achieved.

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