Gun Control a Big Issue in Kentucky Race

The Story:

Democratic nominee Amy McGrath is still considered the underdog, but not a prohibitive long-shot, in her campaign to defeat US Senator (and Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell and take his seat next year. Gun control is an issue very much on the front burner of this campaign.

Background Checks:

McGrath has said, “We should begin with the items that have overwhelming public support: tighten enforcement when it comes to preventing the mentally ill from purchasing any weapons, bar purchases by people on no-fly or terror watch lists, and if you have to undergo a background check at a licensed gun dealer (as I have), you should not be able to evade that by obtaining a weapon at gun shows or privately.”

Those positions have had enough appeal that they led McConnell to refuse to accept any contributions from the NRA, as a way of establishing his own independence. The NRA, the single most important gun-rights lobbying group, has endorsed him anyway, even though he won’t take its money.

The Thing to Know:

A Quinnipiac University poll recently said that McConnell leads McGrath by five points. That is narrower than expected. Still, without some new shake-up in this race, it is more likely than not that McConnell will be returning to the Senate for another term.

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