Eric Holder: ‘Any Competent’ Prosecutor Would Win Obstruction Case Against Trump

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Read the fucking thing for yourself. Mueller went out of his way to not bring conspiracy charges while simultaneously describing the conspiracy

Edit: PASTING my previous comments here again, because I want people who have not read the report themselves to do so and to come away with what seems like the only real explanation for Mueller’s decision: Mueller chose not to bring conspiracy charges against Trump or his family because he did not want to single-handed torpedo the presidency and destroy the Republican Party.

There is extreme, obvious, ample evidence of collusion filling the pages… literally over one hundred pages, densely packed, detailing contacts between Manafort (the campaign manager), Kilimnik, Don Jr, Roger Stone, Rick gates, Dimitri Simes, Kisylak, etc. It also shows how the RNC changed it’s campaign platform at the behest of the Kremlin. It shows how EVERYONE was informed of email dumps, of platform changes, of an obvious, and strongly-implied-but-never-written quid pro quo regarding sanctions, all of it. Yet Mueller basically said he can’t PROVE an agreement with agents who were related TO THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT which is why no one was charged with criminal conspiracy. There is ample evidence of conspiracy.

For example, this section here describes how the RNC changed it’s platform to match what the Kremlin wanted, and they can’t PROVE that Trump KNEW about this change. But they have a fuck ton of evidence surrounding it: (from @sethabramson)

Denman told Mueller that Gordon said he was on a call with Trump—on the RNC platform change—and Trump wanted the change. Gordon said he might’ve mentioned Trump told him he wanted the change.

Yet Mueller in the next breath says “the report did not ESTABLISH that Trump himself wanted the change.”

(from @sethabramson)

Any layperson hearing the facts of the RNC platform change the Kremlin wanted—and that Kremlin agent Kilimnik bragged around Europe he’d negotiated it with Manafort—would say Trump did want the change and expressed it. Mueller says: “did not establish.” See the standard?

this seems pretty obvious to me that RNC changed it’s platform at the behest of Trump & the Kremlin. Would any other prosecutor view these things as a coincidence? Why did Mueller give Trump such an enormous benefit of the doubt in this circumstance?

Regarding Kusher and Don Jr, the report itself states the Kushner and Don Jr were not indicted because Mueller claimed “they could have claimed ignorance, so that would make it difficult to prove intent.”

KUSHER HAS A LAW DEGREE. Kushner being able to claim ignorance about the wrongness of his actions is an on-its-face, farcical statement. Don Jr claiming ignorance is an easy way out. He knew what he was doing was wrong because he lied about it after the fact and destroyed evidence related to it. Mueller surely knows this, but still gave him ample latitude and said “we can’t prove that he knew it was wrong.”

Also, see this section about Kushner meeting with someone who is very likely linked to the Russian government:

The section on Simes—CNI chief and a Putin “friend”—is very problematic, too. Mueller says he “did not identify evidence” that Kushner or Sessions—who had contact with Simes—passed info to the Kremlin. But they discussed Russia. And Simes is Putin’s friend.

So Kushner met with Dimitri Simes, who is known to be linked to…

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