Israel's identity politics is failing voters

Author: Ben-Dror Yemini | / Source: Ynetnews

Let us set aside the political issue for one moment, which is believed to be the bone of contention between “left” and “right”. On almost every issue on the agenda, most Israelis think, one thing and vote, the opposite.

A the numbers show, most of the Jews in Israel, 53%, support an amendment of the Nation-State law adding an equality clause, and 75% support adding the equality clause to the all basic laws.

Election campaign posters in Tel Aviv (Photo: Associated Press)
Election campaign posters in Tel Aviv (Photo: Associated Press)

Most Israelis, 74%, support the imposition of a core curriculum on ultra-Orthodox education. 72% support public transportation on the Sabbath, in one form or another. 72% are in favor of civil marriage and 55% do not want to marry through the rabbinate.

81% of the Jews in Israel support equality for all streams in Judaism and 60% of the Israelis support an easier conversion process.

62% support egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall. Let us not underestimate this. It is one of the most divisive issues between Israel and American Jewry.

Interestingly these questions do not reflect a dispute between secular and religious, or between the general public and the ultra-Orthodox.

Some 50% of those who define themselves as religious support civil marriage while half of those defined as Orthodox support a core curriculum in all Orthodox learning institutions.

We can go on. There are many other surveys, and caution…


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