10 political podcasts to help you keep your sanity before the midterms

If you're losing your mind over political news coverage, consider any of these podcasts to save your sanity.
If you’re losing your mind over political news coverage, consider any of these podcasts to save your sanity.

In a time of volatile politics and chaotic news cycles, it can be hard to separate the signal from the noise, to stay informed without getting completely and totally overwhelmed.

Which is why, despite recent talk of a “podcast bubble,” the medium is exactly what we need right now. Podcasts can slow down and really study a topic or event, bringing in the kind of nuance that’s too often lacking in our current discourse.

Sure, partisan political podcasts — from the Crooked Media/”Pod Save America” crew on the left to Ben Shapiro’s show on the right — are still incredibly popular, as are news podcasts that dip into politics, like the New York Times‘ “The Daily.”

But if you’re looking to preserve your sanity while keeping up to date, try one of these 10 podcasts, which offer a more balanced analyses, and a respite from the multi-person shouting of television news. They’ll keep you informed … without subjecting you to the vicious cacophony of the burning tire fire that is the world around us.

“Can He Do That?” The Washington Post

To say that Donald Trump’s presidency is unprecedented is an understatement, and we’re not even halfway through his first term. The constant churn can leave us feeling burned-out and confused. Enter Allison Michaels and “Can He Do That?” which views Trump’s actions through the lens of the actual limits on presidential power. Each episode features deeply researched analysis from journalists and experts, spelling out what Trump can and can’t do and the consequences therein. It’s a vital listen in an age of never-ending tumult.

“Ground Game,” The Associated Press

Believe it or not, American politics extends beyond the White House, even though Trump dominates so many headlines. And there’s an extremely important midterm election coming up … you may have heard of it? Fortunately, the Associated Press’ “Ground Game” cuts through the noise to deliver reporting from its network of journalists on congressional races from around the country and beyond. A recent episode gave detailed insight into what goes into the AP’s decision to call a race.

#ICYIMI: @AP has been counting votes and calling elections since 1848 when Zachary Taylor beat Lewis Cass to become the U.S.’s 12th president. Ever wonder how we do it? On our newest episode, we’re peeling back the curtain. Here: https://t.co/qlLKatoIpW or https://t.co/yvS1ptQaAx

— Ground Game (@APGroundGame) September 4, 2018

“Politics Podcast,” NPR

This podcast is exactly what you expect from an NPR production: the latest news, terrific analysis, and a wide range of topics. While you won’t find hot political takes here, it’s anything but dry. The discussion is engaging and informative…

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