GOP Selects Charlotte for 2020 Convention

The Story:

The Republican Party has decided that it will hold its 2020 national convention — the convention that, if matters go as expected, will likely nominate Donald Trump for a second term as President of the United States — in Charlotte, North Carolina. That is the same city in which the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama for his second term, in 2012.


Charlotte has a number of obvious attractions as a convention city. It has a lot of hotel rooms and a major airport. It also has attractive green space, notably the 120-acre Park Road Park.

The Democratic Party has yet to select the site of its 2020 convention. The sites the DNC has under consideration at present include Houston, Miami Beach, and Milwaukee.

The Thing to Know:

Concerning the Republican selection, what may be very important, in terms of the message the RNC wants to send in such a matter, is that Charlotte has very balanced racial demographics. White/Caucasian is the largest group, but a minority at 45% of the population. Blacks are 35% and Hispanics are 13%.


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