Putin heaps praise on Trump, pans US politics

Putin heaps praise on Trump, pans US politics
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Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said he’s disappointed by how the United States’ political system is “eating itself up” but revealed that President Trump has not let him down, a report on Wednesday said.
Calling Trump a great communicator, Putin said, “I have no disappointment at all.

Moreover, on a personal level, he made a very good impression on me.”

He described Trump, whom he met with last year on the sidelines of summits in Germany and Vietnam, a “balanced” man who grasps the issues and is a good listener.

“It’s possible to negotiate with him, to search for compromises,” Putin said during an interview with Russian state television, the Associated Press reported.

Although he lavished praise on the president, Putin was not at all complimentary about American politics, because “it…

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