Christie: Trump’s reliance on family hurts ability to run White House

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, saw his function as a senior adviser threatened after his security clearances were downgraded.

After a week of chaos and infighting at the White House, speculation remains rife over who might soon follow communications director Hope Hicks and resign.

Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner saw his ability to function as a senior adviser threatened after his security clearances were downgraded at the behest of the chief of staff, John Kelly, whose own position has been questioned recently.

On Sunday Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor who managed Trump’s transition and remains a loyal supporter, said the president’s reliance on family members compromised his ability to run the White House.

But Christie, whose hopes of becoming attorney general were reportedly quashed as payback for his role in jailing Kushner’s father Charles, sidestepped the question of whether he thought the son should be removed.

“The president’s going to have to make that judgment,” Christie told ABC’s This Week.

He added: “This is most particularly sensitive because it’s a family member. In a normal situation, you might terminate a staff member for that reason. It becomes a lot more difficult if you’re going to be sitting at Thanksgiving dinner with that person.

“And so for Jared and for Ivanka [Trump’s daughter] and for all the other members of the family who were involved in one way or the other, I think everybody’s got to focus on what’s best for the president.”

Kushner is facing a series of reports concerning the intersection of his business and political portfolios, including one

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