Liberals See Only Opportunity in the Murders in Florida

Liberals See Only Opportunity in the Murders in Florida

The horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, will not be the watershed moment of the murder of 17 innocent people that liberals hope it will be. While it may lead to changes in some laws, liberals will not get the American people to cede to government their right of self-defense, especially since the tragedy occurred after a string of failures by all levels of government to act on existing laws that might have prevented it from happening. But it is yet another straw on the back of the camel already overloaded with the angry divisions and hatred the political left has been piling up that leads down the road where bad things are likely to happen.

Liberals and conservatives have always wanted different things, with conservatives more in line with the founding principles of the country and liberals having an affinity for European socialism and totalitarianism. But for years, it was a tug of war neither side was really winning – we lived in an odd middle ground where the rope moved only a matter of inches in either direction because both sides were constrained, to one degree or another, by precedent and the plain language of the Constitution.

That day is done.

On economics, conservatives tend to do well. The recent tax cuts and their growing popularity, coupled with the economic growth following them and the removal of unnecessary and expensive regulations are undeniable to all but the extreme elements on the left (Democrats and the media). But on matters of liberty, the rope is being pulled dramatically in the other direction.

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Democrats are horrible at economics, but they excel at exploitation of fear. That CNN town hall on guns was a Nuremburg rally against the Second Amendment and the concept of individual liberty in the name of fear. It didn’t win any converts – liberals always play to their extreme wing because they need them to show up to vote – but it did expose the extent to which they are willing to go in order to get their way.

The town hall, and countless other media outlets, have featured kids from the school blaming the National Rifle Association and Republicans for the murder of their classmates. They’ve allowed this assertion to be repeated, unchallenged, every time it has been made.

I get it, no one wants to tell a traumatized kid that they’re wrong in their time of grief. But someone has to do it.

There has been more condemnation of the NRA and the GOP on TV in the past week over something no rational person honestly…

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