DeSantis and the Demise of a Million Covid Tests

The Story:

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is campaigning for a second term this year. He faces at least one opponent in the Republican primary in August, but he is very much the favorite to win that primary. Meanwhile, there is a lot of jockeying on the Democratic side for the opportunity to run against him in the autumn.


DeSantis may have been hurt by the recent disclosure that one million Covid test kits have expired unused in a state-maintained stockpile.

DeSantis’ explanation for the demise of those tests is, frankly, bizarre. He said, “We tried to get them out, but there was not a demand for it.” Officials in Miami-Dade County thought otherwise. They’ve made an urgent demand of the state government for assistance with testing, as lines for such as are available have stretched in recent weeks, and people have waited in those lines for ho

The Thing to Know:

There is a fair amount of talk to the effect that, if DeSantis does win another term as Governor this year, that will make him a natural candidate for President in 2024.  When asked whether he sees it that way, DeSantis evades the point, with such statements as, “That is way down the road.”

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