Cannabis Companies Seek to Sway Local Politics

Cannabis Companies Seek to Sway Local Politics

Two upcoming elections will test the influence of companies that grow and sell medical marijuana, and plan to sell recreational cannabis next year in San Diego.

Local voters strongly approved the recreational use of marijuana when they voted “yes” in big numbers for Proposition 64, last November.

But the five-member Board of Supervisors has moved in the opposite direction, by voting to prohibit the sale of medicinal marijuana in the county’s unincorporated area.

“We think the voters have spoken quite clearly on this and that county supervisors are simply going against the will of the voters here,” said Virginia Falces, communications director for Outco, a local medical marijuana company.

Falces says the local cannabis industry, along with its suppliers and customers, will work to elect new board members who support medical marijuana and who will be open to the recreational sale…


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