Hillary Clinton Drops In to the U.K. To Explain What Happened

Hillary Clinton did not hold back from criticizing President Donald Trump as she took the stage of London’s Southbank Centre in the final leg of her U.K. book tour Sunday evening, where she received a standing ovation from a decidedly partisan crowd.

Speaking as part of the London Literature Festival as she promoted her recently-published memoir, What Happened, Clinton described the U.S. president as someone with “a psychological need to dominate and demean people” whom she fears could launch a nuclear strike “in a moment of pique.”

The interviewer, journalist and broadcaster Jim Naughtie, asked Clinton what it was like to call Trump to admit defeat early on the morning of Nov. 9. “It was really terrible,” she said. “[The call] didn’t last long. There wasn’t much to say. He was surprised and going out to claim victory and I wanted to reach him before he did that. He sounded stunned but ecstatic… I never thought I’d be making the call and he never thought he’d be receiving it. It was one of those surreal moments that you get through.”

When Naughtie asked Clinton what she thought Trump thought of her, she responded: ” I think he only thinks about himself. Anyone who challenges or contradicts him or raises questions about him becomes his adversary.”

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