Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

Republicans May have a Clear Path in North Carolina

The Story: Senator Richard Burr (R), who has served three terms in the Senate from Noth Carolina, is retiring. In other circumstances, this might have...

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Dem. Party Two Redistricting Wins

The Story: Last week the U.S. Supreme Court rejected invitations to reinstate Republican designed redistricting maps in two states, siding in these instances with the...
Trump reportedly loves to TiVo his rallies

Health: Trump Rallies Questioned as Covid Risks

The Story: CNN has tallied up Covid numbers by county in the aftermath of several recent campaign rallies featuring President Donald Trump. It has found...
Sen. Thom Tillis on upcoming Kavanaugh vote

Senator Tillis Trails in Polls in North Carolina

The Story: One of the handful of races that will help determine whether the Republican or the Democratic Party controls the US Senate next year...
Freedom Caucus Member Mark Meadows: No Plan To Remove House Speaker Paul Ryan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Who Will Replace Mark Meadows in the House?

The Story: Of all the campaigns this year that may affect the balance of power between the major parties in the House of Representatives, one...

North Carolina Governor’s Race 2020

The Story: North Carolina will have a chance to elect a Governor in 2020. It will either re-elect or turn out the incumbent, Roy Cooper...
Lemon and Cuomo reenact Trump's 13 seconds of silence

Lemon and Cuomo reenact Trump’s 13 seconds of silence

#CNN #News CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon recreated a moment at President Donald Trump's campaign rally in North Carolina where he stood in silence for 13 seconds as the crowd chanted "Send her back!" in reference to Rep. Ilhan…
Bolduan gives Trump a protip on racist remarks

Bolduan gives Trump a protip on racist remarks

#CNN #News CNN's Kate Bolduan evaluates President Donald Trump's claim that he "spoke very quickly" to deter supporters' chants of "send her back" against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).
Van Jones to Trump: You're going down the sewer

Van Jones to Trump: You’re going down the sewer

CNN's Van Jones reacts to chants of "send her back" that a crowd made when President Donald Trump attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) during a rally in North Carolina. #CNN #News

INSIDE POLITICS: Democrat dominates as cash rolls into 9th District election

Republican-voting voters from Fayetteville to Charlotte will vote May 14 for a Republican nominee. Boatloads of cash are coming into the special 9th Congressional District election, according to government records and news accounts. The McCready campaign also has a $250,000 debt leftover from the 2018 race, when McCready lent it the money. Leigh Brown Republican Leigh Brown had $38,880 in receipts and just over $1,200 in disbursements as of March 31. The Charlotte Observer reported the PAC is making a $1.3 million television ad buy for Brown. Through March 31 Bishop had spent $6,300. Stony Rushing Republican Union County Commissioner Stony Rushing had $36,300 in donations and about $15,740 in spending. She had $2,500 in spending. The deadline to register to vote on May 14 is Monday. Keynote speaker: Candidate Dan McCready.