Republicans May have a Clear Path in North Carolina

The Story:

Senator Richard Burr (R), who has served three terms in the Senate from Noth Carolina, is retiring. In other circumstances, this might have led to a blood-letting in the Republican primary, with several candidates bad-mouthing each other in the scramble for the nomination. And that, in turn, might have allowed the Democratic Party to pick up this seat in the Senate. But it now appears that result is unlikely. Barring further surprises (which are of course possible) the Republican Party will likely retain Burr’s seat.


There are ten Senate seats on which most attention has turned, with regard to control of the U.S. senate as of January 2023.  Burr’s seat is one of them.

The Thing to Know:

But it seems that one Republican candidate in particular, Theodore Budd, is successfully lining up his party’s support for the May 17 primary and he will be running in the fall as the candidate of a unified Republican Party without losing too much reputational blood in the Process. If Budd continues on the present course, he will also win against Cheri Beasley, an African-American and former state supreme court justice who is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the seat.


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