INSIDE POLITICS: Democrat dominates as cash rolls into 9th District election

Republican-voting voters from Fayetteville to Charlotte will vote May 14 for a Republican nominee. The general election comes in the fall.

Boatloads of cash are coming into the special 9th Congressional District election, according to government records and news accounts.

Some of the 13 candidates are getting cargo-ship sized portions, others are having trouble filling a dinghy.

The 9th District runs along the southern side of North Carolina from Fayetteville to Charlotte.

The figures are for the first quarter, which ended March 31. The numbers:

Dan McCready

Democrat Dan McCready dominates, with $1.63 million raised through March 31. He’s also spending a lot of cash despite not facing an opponent until September at the soonest. McCready’s disbursements total $475,000.

The McCready campaign also has a $250,000 debt leftover from the 2018 race, when McCready lent it the money.

Leigh Brown

Republican Leigh Brown had $38,880 in receipts and just over $1,200 in disbursements as of March 31.

Brown’s relatively low figures are more than offset by an outside organization that is giving her a giant boost: the National Association of Realtors’ Political Action Committee. The Charlotte Observer reported the PAC is making a $1.3 million television ad buy for Brown.

Brown is a real estate agent.

Advertising by outside groups like the Realtors’ PAC is permitted so long as there is no coordination between the organization and the campaign.

Dan Bishop

Republican state Sen. Dan Bishop, one of 10 GOP candidates in the May 14 primary, leads in GOP fundraising with $387,000. He has $137,000 in donations plus…

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