Serious Accusations Against New York’s Governor

The Story:

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D – NY), the son of former Governor Mario Cuomo, has become the object of unwelcome scrutiny following accusations of sexual harassment by former aides. The first such accuser was Lindsey Boylan. Boylan made this accusation in general terms in December. But in an article she wrote for the website Medium, posted on February 24, she was much more specific about it. For example, Cuomo allegedly invited her to play strip poker with him on a government airplane.


Cuomo was a rising political star on the national scene last spring. His press conferences about New York’s handling of the pandemic were widely televised, and he seemed to many to be offering a better, more science-friendly take on the pandemic than anything coming out of the White House at the time.

He wrote a book about his state’s struggle with the pandemic, AMERICAN CRISIS. To some, this seemed an example of hubris, a claim of victory well before the disease was defeated and a handbook on leadership skills starring himself.

The Thing to Know:

Boylan’s claims present Cuomo with another sort of “American crisis.” Still worse, Boylan has been joined by a second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, also a former aide, who alleges that Cuomo asked her inappropriately personal questions, including whether she has ever had sex with an older man.

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