Governor Cuomo of New York Faces Impeachment, Removal

The Story:

Since late last year, reports have circulated that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has been a nightmarish boss for a large number of the women with whom he has had working relationships since he became Governor in 2011. A report last week from the New York State Attorney General was a bombshell. AG Letitia James found that 11 women who have complained of sexual harassment at the hands of the Governor are credible. The State Assembly immediately began considering impeachment proceedings.


Andrew Cuomo is the heir of a political dynasty. His father, Mario Cuomo, was Governor for twelve years in the 1980s and early ’90s, and frequently mentioned as a potential candidate for President, though no presidential run materialized.

Andrew’s brother, Chris Cuomo, is the anchor of a political news analysis show on CNN.

The Thing to Know:

Thus far the Governor seems inclined to ‘tough it out,’ to remain in office in the expectation that this issue will in time blow over, as have many other seemingly explosive issues that have arisen while he has been Governor. But the votes do seem to be there for his impeachment by the Assembly and removal from office by the state Senate.


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