Health: WHO Doesn’t Think Covid Began in a Lab

The Story:

The World Health Organization announced last week that it has studied the question of the origins of the coronavirus behind the ongoing pandemic. One of its early findings is a negative one: although there is a biological laboratory in Wuhan, it is “extremely unlikely” that the virus got its start there.


The response of the Biden administration to the WHO statement of this finding has been cautious. During the recent political campaign, the outgoing administration criticized Joseph Biden, his family and political circle, as overly cozy with the People’s Republic of China, and it is possible that the administration is concerned that if it accepts the WHO conclusion too readily it will give fuel to such unfriendly characterizations.

Accordingly, the Biden appointed State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, said repeatedly that the US would ultimately rely on its own intelligence agencies and information from its traditional allies.

In Pill Form:

In response to the Price comments, one member of the WHO investigating team, Peter Daszak, offered the United States some free advice. “Please don’t rely too much on US intel: increasingly disengaged under Trump & frankly wrong on many aspects.”

Daszak also commented that the team could need another couple of years before it has a confident understanding of how the virus emerged.

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