The Story:
In 2018 Stacey Abrams ran for Governor of Georgia, and very nearly won (losing to Brian Kemp, the Republican nominee, by only 50,000 votes.) Since then, Abrams — a black woman and a former tax attorney — has been celebrated by her fellow Democrats on the national stage, and often touted as a plausible candidate for the Presidency. Last week, Abrams responded to speculation on that score.
She Will Not Run for POTUS:
Abrams blames her narrow loss on voter suppression efforts, in which Kemp was involved as Georgia’s former secretary of state. After the election, she created an organization (Fair Fight Action) to press for stronger protection of voter rights in the state.
Last week, Abrams said that she is expanding this organization, and the efforts it represents. She is going to go national as a leader in pushback against voter suppression. As part of her commitment to that goal, she says that she will not run for President. Nor is she ready to endorse any of the candidates for that office.
The Thing to Know:
It does not follow that Abrams will not be on the Democratic Party’s national ticket in 2020. For she has also said that she would “be honored to be considered by any nominee” as a potential vice presidential candidate.

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