'Sleep walking into disaster’: readers on the indicative votes

Author: Rachel Obordo / Source: the Guardian

Theresa May in Downing Street on Monday

‘Make your minds up’

Brexit day has gone. Parliament can’t agree on its ideas now it’s in charge and the government can’t get its deal through again and again and again. What a pickle. Just Remain as we were, we had a great deal, perfect for our particularities. Just Revoke. Stop this nonsense. Or… give us a vote. Or… agree on a some sort of customs union and single market deal. Or… completely smash the nation with a no-deal real Brexit by 12 April. But make your minds up. jeekelemental

‘Sleep walking into disaster’

Sleep walking into disaster. Completely self-absorbed MPs have proven time and time again that they are not qualified to pull off something as complicated as Brexit. And if they are not lacking competence then they are acting with complete contempt for the people of Britain, as long as the deadline looms. FromEveryAngle

‘Time to pass the ball to some other sucker’

How does Theresa May not just step down and walk away from this mess? She didn’t call the referendum and she obviously isn’t getting any help implementing the shocking result. Sort of feels like she’s tried enough and it’s time to pass the ball to some other sucker. It’s painfully obvious that what really should happen is a general election and each party can craft their own platform on Brexit including whether to cancel the whole thing, and let the people vote. Skippy67

‘Put the decision back to the people’

We have a ‘moment in time’ narrow division of opinion which has been hijacked by powerful people for their own vested interests. Online and on the streets the voice of those who actually want to leave the EU is barely audible above that of…


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