Bannon Still Enthusiastic About Trump Trade Policy

The Story: 

Steve Bannon, the man who was once hailed as the central strategist of Trumpism, but who was pressed out of the administration only seven months in, remains an enthusiast for President Trump’s trade policy, and for what he sees as its goal, the restoration of manufacturing as the core of the US economy.

A Revolution:

Bannon who sees himself as now an outside ally of the administration, working to keep it true to its animating revolutionary purposes, said in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post that Trump will not back down from the ongoing trade confrontation with the People’s Republic, that he will wage trade war on an “unprecedentedly large” scale and make things “unbearably painful” for Beijing.

The Thing to Know:

Bannon charges that the “elites and the media” portray the deindustrialization of the US, and the contracting out of its manufacturing to China, as an inexorable consequence of laws of nature. Actually he said, that is the reverse of the truth. That trend “can be reversed and it will be reversed.”

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