1 in 7 Americans Lose Sleep Over Politics, Survey Finds

Suffering from insomnia? Here’s a quick cure: stop caring about politics so much.

A new study shows that one in seven Americans are so riled up about politics that they’re losing sleep over it, according to a survey conducted for Bankrate.com. That adds up to 34 million people, more than those who lose sleep over health care costs or paying rent.

The more education and money Americans have, the more they lie awake over political worries, the survey found. Twenty percent of those with a college degree said politics made them toss and turn, compared to just 9 percent of those without one.

Sixteen percent of those making $75,000 or more stressed about politics, while only 7 percent of those making under $30,000 said they do.

Those on the coasts care about politics the most. Seventeen percent of those who live out…


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