Jacob Schelp, 12, has already made his mark in politics

Jacob Schelp wants to be president one day. His parents would much rather he become governor.

The 12-year-old who once aspired to be a baseball player or a police officer now wants to be a politician. He’s been preparing for the role for some time.

During this year’s legislative session, he stalked the halls of the state Capitol to lobby state legislators about improving disability coverage. He was working on behalf of his younger brother, who was born with cerebral palsy and an undiagnosed genetic disorder.

Jacob Schelp, 12, talks about his experience of lobbying state legislators

Jacob Schelp, 12, talks about his experience lobbying state legislators for disability empowerment. Jacob said that he was inspired by his brother, who has been diagnosed with an unknown genetic disorder and cerebral palsy.

Zhihan Huang

In the run-up to the August primary, he has been knocking on doors in his southwest Columbia neighborhood to campaign for Republican candidates on the ballot.

He is also the youngest member of the Columbia Pachyderm Club, a grassroots Republican organization.

His political…

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