Jennifer Wexton Challenges Barbara Comstock

 The Story: 

In a race that the Capitol-Hill themed publication “Roll Call” lists as a toss up, the Democratic Party’s nominee to represent Virginia’s 10th district in the US House of Representatives, Jennifer Wexton, opposes Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock in the November voting.

The Daughter of Two Economists:

Ms Wexton is the daughter of Paula and Peter Tosini, both distinguished economists. Her father was a senior economist at the Treasury Department; her mother was chief economist of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and later served as executive vice president of the Futures Industry Association.

Ms Wexton has worked in the state senate for four years, since winning a special election for the district that included her home town of Leesburg in 2014.

The Thing to Know: 

Early last year the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee designated Comstock’s Virginia district as one of its top targets for this election cycle. The DCCC sees this as a district vulnerable to a “blue wave,” one that Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 Presidential vote.


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