Conway Family Withdrawing from the Public Eye

The Story:

Over the weekend, both George and Kellyanne Conway announced in different ways that they are withdrawing from the public eye. Mr. Conway is an anti-Trump Republican with a PAC trying to persuade Republicans to cross party lines and vote for Biden for President in November. George’s wife, Kellyanne Conway, was until this weekend a senior adviser to the President. In 2016 she was one of his more cogent public spokespeople, and the manager of the campaign in its final stages.


The very public sparring of the two Conways was complicated in late June and early July 2020, when their 15 year old daughter, Claudia, began using TikTok to express her own anti-Trump views. This drew a lot of media attention, and by Independence Day, Claudia was also complaining that her parents were trying to silence her.

The Thing to Know:

On August 22, Claudia said on Twitter that she was “devastated” to learn that her mother would be speaking at the Republican convention. Also, in a tweet posted one minute later, she said that she was seeking “emancipation” from her parents. That in turn set off the announcement by her parents that they would withdraw from their public roles.

But Kellyanne did make that appearance at the Republican convention, as a swan song of her time with President Trump.


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