Pints and Politics event hosts conversation with county judge candidates

Tuesday afternoon county judge candidates John Cook and Ricardo Samaniego went head to head in a debate … well sort of.

The event called Pints and Politics held conversations between the two candidates that didn’t necessarily cover hot button issues for the county.

The event — at least as far as politics is concerned — was very relaxed. It focused more on the candidates as people rather than their stances on certain issues.

In a rather unusual venue for politics, atop the fifth floor of the Indigo Hotel, poolside coupled with some drinks, candidates Cook and Samaniego nearly sat side by side.

“The idea behind the series was to have conversations so people can get a better understanding about the individual, but in particular we talk about the moment they decided to become interested in politics,”
said Richard Pineda, director of the University of Texas at El Paso Center for Communication.

Pineda was the moderator for the event.

“We talk a little bit about their early life. We talk about…

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