Speaker grants emergency Commons debate on allegations about Vote Leave breaking election spending rules – as it happened

Theresa May’s statement on Russia – watch live
  • Jeremy Corbyn has firmed up his language about Russia being to blame for the Salisbury attack, while leaving open the possibility that the Kremlin did not directly order the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. (See 6.45pm.)

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What Corbyn said about Russia being to blame, but not necessarily being directly responsible – Full quote and analysis

This is what Jeremy Corbyn said in his speech about the evidence for Russia being responsible for the Salisbury attack.

Based on the analysis conducted by government scientists, there can be little doubt that the nerve agent used in this attack was military-grade novichok of a type manufactured by Russia. Since that analysis was revealed by the prime minister two weeks ago the Russian state has had every opportunity to offer a plausible explanation as to how a nerve agent stock…

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