George Osborne: millions of Britons unhappy with Brexit political options

George Osborne said his aim is for the Evening Standard to fill a ‘vacated space’ in the political landscape.

Millions of British people are unhappy with the political choices being offered to them by the two main parties over Brexit, the former chancellor, George Osborne, has said.

Osborne, who now edits London’s Evening Standard, said some of his former Conservative colleagues had expressed their surprise that his newspaper, which has repeatedly criticised Theresa May, took such a tough stance.

“People say to me, ‘hold on, that’s very unfair, you’re a Conservative and you used to be in the Conservative cabinet, you’re being a bit mean,’” Osborne told the Advertising Week Europe conference in central London.

Osborne, who was chancellor for six years before being sacked by May and who stepped down as an MP shortly after taking the Evening Standard job a year ago, said he aimed for the paper to fill “a big, vacated space” in the political landscape “which is, essentially, saying we don’t actually have to have either Jeremy Corbyn or Jacob Rees-Mogg in this country – we can have something in the middle”.

He said this gap existed more generally: “On Brexit, I’m…

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