Pierre Karl Péladeau evasive about potential return to politics

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Pierre-Karl Peladeau speaks to the media at the legislature in Quebec City on Feb. 16, 2016.

Quebec telecom and media magnate Pierre Karl Péladeau renewed speculation Tuesday he is considering a return to politics.

His abrupt departure in May 2016 as head of the Parti Quebecois was against his will and due to family reasons, he told Radio-Canada.

But things have changed since then, he suggested.

“Obviously I remain ready for the (political) moment,” Péladeau said, unprompted, to the radio host during a wide-ranging interview. “Maybe, eventually you would have asked me about that.”

Anyone following the social media posts of the self-avowed nationalist who wanted to be leader of an independent Quebec will not be surprised he is not closing the door to an eventual political comeback.

As head of Quebecor Inc., Péladeau owns some of the most popular media and telecom properties in the country and the businessman isn’t shy about using his influence and profile to publicly criticize his opponents.

He has come out strongly against the Quebec Liberal’s investment in aerospace giant Bombardier, as well as the government’s recent multimillion-dollar aid package to newspaper companies in competition with his own.

Péladeau has also attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the federal government’s refusal to levy a tax on online streaming giant Netflix.

“When I think we are going in the wrong direction, when we as a collective are going in the wrong direction … it’s the reason why I speak out and there is no one who will stop me,” he said Tuesday.

Péladeau’s remarks were in…


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