The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Flake’s Speech

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Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announced that he will not seek reelection in 2018, saying in a speech that he “will not be complicit” in the “reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior” coming from the White House. The ongoing feud between Senator Bob Corker and President Trump escalated when Corker called Trump “an utterly untruthful president.” Congress approved a $36.5 billion emergency-spending package for parts of the U.S. affected by hurricanes and wildfires. A federal appeals court ruled that an undocumented pregnant minor being held in federal custody can have an abortion. House GOP leaders announced that they will launch two separate investigations involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Today on The Atlantic

  • Three Trends to Consider: In order for liberalism to succeed, liberal policymakers need to think about the doom loop facing them—and figure out how to break it. (Derek Thompson)

  • Crime and Punishment: Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate running against Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, just released the strangest political attack ad of 2017. (Matt Ford)

  • Retirement Is Broken: President Trump’s assertion that 401(k)s are a “great and popular middle class tax break” is wrong; here’s why. (William Birdthistle and Daniel Hemel)

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