Dominion Lawsuit Over Post-Election Lies Enters Its Second Year With a Bang

The Story:

A year ago, in February 2021, voting machine manufacturer Dominion filed a lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claiming that he had defamed it with post-election claims that its machines had been part of a plot to steal the election from former President Donald Trump. Lindell sought to have the lawsuit dismissed and that effort failed. At present, the maneuvering focuses on Lindell’s counterclaim. The counterclaim argues that Dominion brought this litigation in bad faith.


Dominion has made it clear that there will be no settlement in this matter. It wants the issues to go to trial. It has also filed lawsuits against other ‘Stop the Steal’ theorists and the media outlets that gave them platforms to (allegedly) defame Dominion as a key part of the (alleged) steal.

The Thing to Know:

In a filing Monday, Jan. 31, Dominion argued that Lindell’s counterclaims should be dismissed, in that they “threaten the rule of law.” The company said that such counterclaims would “impose liability on innumerable parties engaging in ordinary, day-to-day acts of litigation,” and would discourage entities from bring warranted actions in court at all.”

In a nice turn of phrase, Dominion’s attorneys claim that Lindell and MyPillow are bullies who, “after attacking their victim in the schoolyard, claim that the victim is forbidden from going to the nurse to dress his wounds, or to the principal’s office to have them held accountable.”

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