Another Republican Retires from the House

The Story:

Representative Peter T. King (R – NY), a veteran law-maker (in office for more than a quarter of a century) announced Monday that he will not seek another term representing New York’s 2d district, along the southern shore of Long Island.

His Views of Trump: 

King did not support Donald Trump during the Republican primary campaign of 2016. He said in April of that year, “I have not endorsed Donald Trump. In fact, I actually voted [in the New York primary] by absentee ballot for John Kasich.”

In May 2017, in the House, King voted in favor of repealing the Obamacare health insurance system, a Trump administration priority.

But he has not always sided with this President. King voted against a Trump administration tax cut bill in December 2017 because the bill sharply limited the deductibility of state, local, and municipal taxes on the federal tax form, a limit that hurts many New Yorkers.

The Thing to Know:

King’s announcement adds to the wave of Republican lawmakers who are not returning. Since the likelihood of a partisan turnover is almost always greater when there is no incumbent in the race than when there is one,  this is good news for the Democratic Party, indicating that it may increase its majority margin in the House next year, whatever happens in the Presidential or Senatorial campaigns.

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