Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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All eyes on Jeremy Corbyn – Politics Weekly podcast

Heather Stewart is joined by Lisa O’Carroll, Zoe Williams and Henry Newman to assess the chances of Corbyn and May burying the hatchet to reach a cross-party consensus on Brexit. Plus: we meet one of the environmental protesters who invaded parliament this week. And is Brexit bad for our mental health? After three years of turmoil, billions of pounds spent, and three failed attempts at getting her deal through parliament, Theresa May stopped trying to exit the EU with Tory and DUP votes and turned instead to Jeremy Corbyn. But have two political leaders ever been more ill-suited to finding a cross-party consensus? Joining Heather Stewart to discuss this are Zoe Williams and Lisa O’Carroll from the Guardian, and Henry Newman from Open Europe. Also this week: we talk to Will Brooks, one of the Extinction Rebellion activists who disrobed in parliament on Monday to protest about climate change. And … what toll is Brexit taking on the nation’s mental health?

My constituents backed Brexit. But I didn’t enter politics to make them poorer

In normal times and in all good faith, politicians at a general election present a manifesto they believe will improve people’s lives. As an MP who campaigned for Remain during the EU referendum in June 2016, I do not believe I can, in all good faith and with all good intentions, tell my electorate that I have changed my mind. This presents a moral dilemma for Remain-supporting MPs, especially those whose constituents voted to leave. The loss of jobs in major industries. In many cases their constituents voted to leave. In my constituency, almost three out of five voted Leave. Brexit will be bad for Britain, the north-east and my constituents. Therefore, I believe Brexit for any Remain MP, especially those from Leave seats, is now about moral leadership. We know as Remain MPs that if leaving the EU was not good for the country in 2016, it is certainly not – after all the Brexit twists and turns – the right thing to do now. That is why the British people should have the right to think again, in a national vote on the deal.