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Politicians caught padding their resumes, from fake diplomas to biographical discrepancies

A month earlier, a Florida state House candidate admitted to lying about her college degree and dropped out of the race. Amanda La Bell, Oregon House District 54 (The Bulletin via Associated Press) Amanda La Bell reportedly dropped out of Oregon's race for House District 54 following false claims about her college education. The American Working Families Party nominee's exit came shortly after The Bulletin reported La Bell, 41, lied on an official state Voters Pamphlet about earning a bachelor's degree from Valdosta State University in Georgia — a class C felony, the newspaper pointed out. Melissa Howard, Florida state House (Facebook) A Republican Florida House candidate dropped out of the race in August after admitting to lying about having a college degree. Voters started to question the background of Julia Salazar, a Democratic socialist candidate for New York state Senate, after an article in Tablet revealed discrepancies in parts of her biography. “I feel very strongly about my family and I want to tell the truth.” Many also took issue with Salazar's political and religious conversion during her years at Columbia University, where she transformed from an anti-abortion Christian Republican to a hard-left Jewish Democrat. Salazar said she "inadvertently misrepresented" her family's history and chalked up some misleading statements to mistakes by staff. For instance, Kim boasted about working under both Republican and Democratic presidents — most recently serving as former President Barack Obama's national security adviser. However, Zack Carroll, Kim’s campaign manager, stood by the message Kim spread in his campaign ad, in which he stated he "worked under both Democratic and Republican Administrations." “While working at USAID under the Bush administration, Andy served in the Africa bureau working on U.S. response to conflict-related crises across Africa, including national security concerns related to terrorism in Somalia and genocide and child soldiers concerns in Sudan/Uganda.

Race for state’s second office could shake up New York politics

Kathy Hochul – a former congresswoman from western New York who had been Cuomo's running mate in 2014 – is facing a fierce challenge from Jumaane Williams of Brooklyn, who is serving his third term as a New York City councilman. If Williams is indeed elected as lieutenant governor, he has promised to provide a check-and-balance in the mold of the more adversarial role the New York City Public Advocate has played to the New York City mayor. It also took place the same day as the only debate between Cuomo and Nixon, almost ensuring it would get little coverage. Questioned repeatedly about the matter in a radio interview last week with WNYC host Brian Lehrer, Hochul would only say that an unspecified "scheduling conflict" had submarined the debate. Nixon supporters argue that Cuomo has only shifted to the left on many issues due to her primary challenge. Hochul said that is not necessary. Cuomo needs someone else to tell him to do what's right," Hochul said. That took place as recently as 2008, when then-Lt. Gov. Hochul noted in a recent interview that abortion rights may be under threat nationally as conservative U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is on a path to confirmation. Williams noted that in 2007, Hochul, as Erie County clerk, had vowed to have undocumented immigrants arrested if they applied for drivers' licenses.

Long Island pol invokes ‘plantation’ politics in racially-charged rant

The astounding, racial rant took place during a candidates forum on Thursday, at which Deputy Assembly Speaker Earlene Hooper (D-Hempstead) branded opponent Taylor Raynor as a tool of white power brokers. “I have been able to survive, and I fight for my people. Then I have to come here and fight with my people,” Hooper said. “So, that’s what happened now, we have a plantation.” As Raynor shook her head and frowned just a few feet away, the 30-year incumbent wrapped up her remarks by doubling down. “My time is up, but I leave you with this: [the] white man fooled us out of Africa,” Hooper told the largely black audience. “Don’t let him fool you out of a seat where you have power.” Hooper, the fourth-ranking leader in the Assembly, then glared directly at Raynor as she stormed away from the podium to cheers and applause. Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs said Hooper’s speech before the New Hempstead Democratic Club had cost her his backing in the Sept. 13 primary election. I condemn those remarks. “I’ve supported Earlene in the past. It’s likely I will be endorsing Taylor.” Hooper, a retired social worker, has served in the Assembly since winning a special election in March 1988.