Monday, June 5, 2023
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Matt Gaetz: Trump created a 'red firewall' in Florida

Trouble for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R – Fl)

The Story: Matt Gaetz, the Republican congressman representing Florida's first district (which includes Pensacola) is embroiled in an underage sex scandal early in this, his...

Health: Big Healthcare Fraud Scheme Busted

The Story: Old-fashioned Medicare and VA fraud, involving the creation of sham storefronts for the sale of back and knee braces to senior citizen, and...
Opioid Drugmaker Purdue Pharma Offers $10-$12 Billion To Settle Lawsuits | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Health: US Settles Lawsuit over Opioid-Related Deaths

The Story: On October 21, Purdue Pharma, a company now under bankruptcy court protected, settled with the US Department of Justice over its aggressive marketing...