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Washington state: at least 20 county sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws

At least 20 county sheriffs in Washington state – more than half of the state’s total – are now publicly refusing to police new gun laws. Several county governments have also passed local resolutions officially opposing enforcement of the laws. But all of these positions add up to a refusal to enforce I1639 in the form in which it was passed by Washington voters. Only four county sheriffs so far have publicly committed to enforcing the laws. Sheriffs in 21 of Washinton State’s 39 counties so far, have said that they will not enforce new laws restricting the use of assault weapons Counties that will enforce I1639 Counties that will not Seattle Sheriff Brad Thurman of Cowlitz County has cited a legal challenge by the NRA Klickitat County Sheriff, Bob Songer, has stated that he would consider preventing agencies in other counties from enforcing I1639 Counties that will enforce I1639 Counties that will not Whatcom Jefferson Okanogan Snohomish Chelan Seattle King Sheriff Brad Thurman of Cowlitz County has cited a legal challenge by the NRA Pierce Lincoln Spokane Grant Lewis Adams Yakima Klickitat County Sheriff, Bob Songer, has stated that he would consider preventing agencies in other counties from enforcing I1639 Clark Walla Walla Guardian graphic Meanwhile, several rural county governments – including Cowlitz, Franklin and Stevens Counties – have now passed resolutions opposing enforcement of I1639. County commissioners passing resolutions in opposition to the laws have electoral incentives for doing so in parts of the state where gun reform is not popular with voters, but they have also been subject to intense lobbying efforts by rightwing second amendment activists. In a video of a speech in Island county, Gibson urged locals “to bring the power back to a local level” by refusing laws which he described as unconstitutional. Gibson did not respond to questions seeking to clarify his views on the constitution. The rally will be addressed by Spokane Valley-based representative, Matt Shea. Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson has admonished law enforcement officers in an open letter.

Former sheriff jumps back into politics for run at Richmond council

(Photo: Mickey Shuey/Palladium-Item) RICHMOND, Ind. The former two-term Wayne County sheriff filed his paperwork Thursday to run for the Republican nomination for the District 4 seat on Richmond Common Council. Cappa said he had been asked about whether he would be interested in running in this year's city election and decided his time of service wasn't quite done yet. "I felt like I still wanted to give back to the community." Cappa's time as sheriff ended Jan. 1 when the last of his state-law-limited two terms ran out, and Randy Retter took over the office. Cappa will begin work Jan. 21 as a manager for security at Reid Health. Also filing Thursday for the Richmond election was the incumbent councilman for District 5, Jeff Locke. The Democrat is seeking a second term on Common Council. I look forward to serving the 5th District for another four years as we continue to make Richmond THE place to live, work and play," he said in a statement. Elsewhere in the county, clerk-treasurer and town council seats in Cambridge City, Centerville, Dublin and Milton also will be up for grabs.

Sheriff: End political vitriol, solve immigration, to honor Officer Singh

He studied criminal justice in college, graduated from the police academy and took advantage of every opportunity to find a full-time job in law enforcement, finally getting hired with the Newman Police Department. Tragically and senselessly, his American dream was taken from him by a criminal illegal alien who was stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence. The suspect, a known criminal and gang member, was present in the United States illegally. Tipped by a witness, Cpl. Never in the history of the agency have they suffered a line-of-duty death, and the murder of Cpl. The Stanislaus Sheriff’s Office, the largest law enforcement agency in Stanislaus County, immediately allocated resources to the criminal investigation and the manhunt for the suspect. Singh’s life. Local law enforcement does not enforce federal immigration laws. We have a strong relationship with the immigrant community, and we do not need the state’s legislature or anyone else helping us “build trust” by legislating, mandating and regulating. Sheriffs must be able to hold criminal illegal aliens in custody for ICE, not be forced to release them into our communities.

Montana sheriff’s race recount gets muddier

The losing candidate in the Musselshell County sheriff’s race has blamed the elections administrator for his loss and secured a court-ordered recount with rules that could reverse it. An attorney for the county is agreeing to the judge’s rules and has said taxpayers should foot the bill for the recount. But an attorney for the winning candidate is crying foul, saying the recount rules are illegal and the county’s attorney is not defending the elections administrator against the “baseless allegations” that set the stage for the recount. Ronnie Burns lost in November to current Undersheriff Shawn Lesnik by 1.67 percent of the vote, or by 41 votes. Judge Katharine Bidegaray, of the Seventh Judicial District in Eastern Montana, granted the recount after Burns made allegations about wrongdoing on the part of Musselshell County Elections Administrator Cheryl Tomassi, which the county has not yet contested. It’s also declined to respond to the allegations against Tomassi. Tomassi has denied that. Write-in candidates are allowed to list variations of their name, such as “Ronald Burns” or “Ron Burns” in advance of the election that voters might use and have the vote still count. Burns also alleged Tomassi told him he could not distribute stickers with his name on them and a blackened oval to supporters so that they could paste them on the write-in line. Tomassi told The Gazette she merely advised him not to, because the stickers “gum up the machines.” When Burns asserted it was legal to use the stickers, Tomassi said she agreed.
What we know about the CA shooting suspect

What we know about the CA shooting suspect

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean says the shooter was identified as Ian David Long, a 28-year-old Marine Corps veteran.
Sheriff's sergeant killed at CA bar 'loved helping people'

Sheriff’s sergeant killed at CA bar ‘loved helping people’

Ventura County Sheriff's Office remembers fallen colleague Sgt. Ron Helus, who was killed after responding to calls of gunshots at California's Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated…

Cumberland sheriff candidates Baxley, Wright speak on school officers, politics, diversity

Here are some of the things Wright and Baxley had to say: School officers Baxley and Wright differed on whether the Sheriff’s Office should place deputies in the schools to serve as school resource officers. Not all the Cumberland County schools have them, but a recent grant of nearly $500,000 should soon allow additional ones to be hired. Baxley said. Instead of having the Sheriff’s Office hiring additional deputies specifically for the schools, Baxley said, the school system should use its own money to hire off-duty police officers and sheriff’s deputies as school resource officers. “You have to hire an officer that wants to work in the schools,” he said. “You don’t need officers just part-time going to work in the schools, because if you put part-time officers in schools, they don’t know the students. This leads to concerns that deputies risk of losing their jobs if they don’t campaign for the sheriff or otherwise support him politically. “I think politics needs to be taken out of the Sheriff’s Office,” Baxley said. “I’d never ask an officer to do anything that I wouldn’t do.” Diversity Baxley and Wright both said the Sheriff’s Office needs racial and cultural sensitivity training, as well as diversity in the department’s ranks, as it works in a diverse community such as Cumberland County. “Just treat everybody fairly, and just do the right thing,” Baxley said.

Sheriff Walt McNeil on governor’s race: Don’t use politics to attack law enforcement

Gillum’s campaign put out a statement from McNeil, who is the constitutionally elected lawman over Leon County, denouncing “the political fear mongering” put out by GOP candidate Ron DeSantis over Tallahassee's crime rate as “false, dangerous and disrespectful.” DeSantis zeroed in on mailers sent out by Gillum’s former chief of staff and Tallahassee mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels noting the county’s record homicide rate last year and persistent issues with trying to reduce crime. The mailers drew the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who took to Twitter to criticize Gillum. “Two years ago, I said we had a crime problem. “It’s offensive for someone for political reasons to start attacking law enforcement and the job we’re doing.” McNeil pointed to a reduction in the overall crime rate of 15 percent and a drop in all violent crime of 10 percent from 2016 to 2017, resulting in a five-year low. Leon County’s crime rate has topped the state for the past four years, according to annual data compiled by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. During the same period, however, the overall violent crime index dropped 9 percent — from 724.5 incidents per 100,000 residents to 658.9 per 100,000. Arrests have been made in all seven of the fatal shootings in Tallahassee this year. McNeil, who is not shy about addressing the problem that crime poses to the county, said he was taken aback by the comments given the work put in by more than a half-dozen law enforcement agencies in town. McNeil noted that, as Tallahassee's mayor, Gillum has little to do with on-the-ground law enforcement efforts. They’re just working too hard to have that shot across the bow without it being responded to.” Contact Karl Etters at or @KarlEtters on Twitter.
Maryland sheriff: Multiple wounded, multiple fatalities

Maryland sheriff: Multiple wounded, multiple fatalities

Harford County, Maryland sheriff says the lone suspect is in custody after a shooting at a Rite Aid distribution center. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and…
Sheriff defends actions at New Mexico compound

Sheriff defends actions at New Mexico compound

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the sheriff who investigated the New Mexico compound where 11 malnourished children were found is defending his department's response. CNN's Scott McLean reports.