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Chuck Todd: Republicans “Outraged” At Ugly Political Environment They Created; Trying To Paint Dems...

NBC's Chuck Todd said President Trump and the Republican party are "outraged" at the ugly political environment that they "helped create." The NBC host also knocked Republicans for trying to paint Democrats as a "mob." Todd said Republicans are using a "married to the mob" strategy, which he defined as painting Democrats as an angry mob. "What world are we living in where the president and Republican leaders are outraged at the ugly nasty bare knuckles political environment they largely created? "Okay, it is 26 days to the midterms and Republicans now seem married to this mob strategy, as part of their get out the vote effort," Todd coined. " What I mean by that is Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as an angry mob. Holder said when Republicans go low, we kick them, contradicting former First Lady Michelle Obama's message of "when they go low, we go high." Todd didn't explicitly said that but implied Republicans are hypocrites. "Those were the kinds of warnings we heard about the president's rhetoric," Todd said about the 'outrage. "But now Republicans are basically warning Democrats against doing what they have done.

On Politics: 2 Key Republicans Signal Satisfaction With Kavanaugh Inquiry

Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today. report on Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee. Read the story, plus review how other senators are reacting and who the F.B.I. Read the story. Read the story. Read how the confirmation battle has become central to salvaging the midterms for Republicans. Read the story. Read the story. Read the story. Read the story.

Jennifer Rubin: If you want more women in politics, don’t look to the GOP

... "By 20 percentage points, Republican women are more likely than their male counterparts to say there are too few women in high political offices (44% of GOP women vs. 24% of GOP men) and in top executive positions in business (49% vs. 29%) in the U.S. today. The Republican men who have swooned over President Donald Trump's nostalgia for a bygone era (when women primarily stayed at home) are not about to see a need for more women in politics, nor are they prepared to say that there is something wrong with the system that produces a preponderance of men in business and political leadership. What's striking is the large majority of Americans (67 percent) who think it is easier for men to get elected than for women and who think "there are too few women in high political offices (59%) and in top executive positions in business (59%)." Perhaps President Trump's tenure and the #MeToo movement have left the impression that women are a safer bet when it comes to certain issues. "Roughly four-in-ten adults (41%) say women in high political offices are better than men at serving as role models; 4% say men are better at this. Ronald Brownstein points out in the Atlantic: "Democrats have positioned themselves to benefit from that energy by nominating female candidates in 183 House races, according to the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics. (Republicans have nominated just 52 women in House races this year.) First, the parties might become as polarized on gender as they are on race, with women voters overwhelmingly supporting Democrats and elected Democratic women vastly outnumbering elected Republican women. Kavanaugh's confirmation, Brownstein explains, could wind up "helping Democrats in-and of-all races hold more college-educated white women. Such a shift, if combined with greater minority turnout, could be the final piece to elect more white Democratic women, as in 1992, and more women of color."

Politics Then and Now: Democrats, Republicans Remember Bill Gwatney

- Monday marked 10 years since a gunman walked into the Democratic Party of Arkansas headquarters and killed Chairman Bill Gwatney. "He asked the chair if he was Bill Gwatney," Hatta remembered. Ten years later, Hatta did not want to go back in Gwatney's office to relieve that day. She opted for the one she spent most of that night in, working with a couple colleagues to write up a statement and update the party's website to honor their boss. "We had a job to do," Hatta said. Chairman Gray was not involved in politics then, but Aug. 13 still follows him at the office. Gray said. Doyle Webb, the state Republican Party chairman, was months away from being elected to the position when Gwatney was killed. The Republican served in the Arkansas Senate for about eight years with Gwatney. "Something along the lines of what Chairman Gray says: Democrats, they think for themselves," Hatta said.

McLaughlin Group: Republicans vs. Rosenstein, Removing Trump, EU Trade Talks, Petroleum Politics In Iran

Jim Swift of the Weekly Standard joins regular host Tom Rogan and panelists Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Clarence Page. Eleanor (like all hopeless Leftys) insists that Trump is stupid/uninformed/etc., which means that her heroes+party were badly beaten & embarrassed by Mr. Stupid... so what does that say about Progtards like Eleanor?ReplyShare 5 AlexxLeaderNaturalJag0ffMany months ago I disregarded her when talking about mental health she said "we all take out meds". Yikes.ReplyShare Joker 2LeaderAlexxEditedDemocrats are based on emotion. not any type of honesty. Of course she is going to be wacky. She lives in freekazoid land. Most Trump supporters don't care if he met with Putin or whoever. big deal. Trump won't run 2016: Trump can't win 2017: Trump will self destruct 2018: Trump is a Russian spy 2019: Trump is a GOP cyborg 2020: Trump re elected 2021-24: Voters don't care what Trump is, just like his results.ReplyShare 3 samit1234LeaderAlexx2021: CROOKED offers to be a maid in the WH 2022: CROOKED caught in the act with Trump 2023: Oral Billy threatens to return as President 2024: Trump decides to retire to FloridaReplyShare SUTOPELLeadersamit1234' TRiUMPh's MAGIC WAND is bigger and better than Obama's MAGIC WAND. There simply is no evidence of any criminal act.ReplyShare TermsPrivacy Add Spot.IMAdd Spot.IM to your site

Political path for Trump, Republicans in midterms cuts through America’s soybean fields

President Donald Trump on Thursday claimed a trade breakthrough with European allies, hailing it as a benefit to farmers as he defended his trade policies in a visit to Iowa. From southern Minnesota, where Republicans are hoping to claim an open House seat long held by Democrats, to an Illinois district where Democrats are angling to pick off a Republican incumbent, soybean farmers have watched prices plummet amid an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China. “It could definitely be an interesting midterm election.” Responding to mounting criticism from farm-state Republicans, Trump toured Iowa and Illinois on Thursday, arguing that his trade policies helped industries such as steel. "We just opened up Europe for you farmers," Trump said in Iowa. “We are already seeing progress.” On the other side of the state, in a House district that includes Des Moines, Democrat Cindy Axne has criticized incumbent Republican Rep. David Young for not doing more to stand up to the White House on trade. Tariffs have also played as an issue in Senate races this year, including the marquee contest in Missouri between incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is favored to win that state’s primary next month. “We’re suffering some pain, but people don’t like the way China acts.” The political calculation could change if there isn't a resolution by this fall, when farmers begin to harvest soybeans. Hurst predicted that “farmers and Hawley will start to lose patience as we get closer to harvest if there’s no progress made." While traveling in the Midwest on Thursday, Trump visited a recently revived steel mill to drive home the point. “There’s anxiety, and that’s going to get some people to vote a different way,” said Lawrence Sukalski, a Trump supporter who along with his family farms 3,600 acres of soybeans and corn in southern Minnesota.

Republicans Accuse Rosenstein of Secretly Plotting to Uphold Constitution

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—House Republicans on Thursday accused the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, of “secretly and nefariously” implementing a plot to uphold the United States Constitution. In a joint press conference, Representatives Mark Meadows, of North Carolina, and Jim Jordan, of Ohio, said that they had “ample evidence” that Rosenstein was prepared to protect the Constitution “by any and all means at his disposal.” “There is only one way to describe Rosenstein’s obsession with putting the Constitution before all other concerns,” Meadows said. “Conflict of interest.” “It is almost as if Rod Rosenstein had taken some kind of solemn oath to defend a centuries-old document,” Jordan said. “This should make every American very, very scared.” Though the Republicans have shelved their articles of impeachment against Rosenstein for now, they hope that their impeachment threat will send a clear message to Rosenstein that his reckless allegiance to the Constitution will no longer be tolerated. “If, going forward, Rosenstein uses his position at the Department of Justice to seek justice, he will be crossing a red line,” Meadows said.

Kaine challenger prompts laughter by saying Trump is ‘standing up’ to Russia

Do Republicans disapprove of Trump's meeting with Putin? 'They couldn't care less' Read more The challenger, Corey Stewart, a far-right elected official in northern Virginia, repeatedly praised Donald Trump and attacked his opponent as “weak” and “an ultra-liberal”, automatically opposed to every action of the Trump administration. Tim Kaine repeatedly called Stewart “a 100% Donald Trump first guy” while describing himself as a “Virginia first guy”. At the end of a week which began with Trump’s controversial meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and continued with the president’s hectic attempts to clarify his position on Russia, there were strident disagreements about the Mueller investigation and US relations with Moscow. Stewart referred to the special counsel’s work as “a witch-hunt” and described Russian interference in the 2016 election as “alleged meddling”. Kaine raised Stewart’s past associations with white supremacists such as the Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen and his campaigning for Roy Moore, the losing Senate candidate in Alabama last year who was accused of sexually assaulting underaged teenage girls. Moore denied those allegations and Stewart stood by him, saying: “We had 40-year-old allegations. In the debate, he repeated that he has disavowed Nehlen, a sometime challenger to the House speaker, Paul Ryan. On Saturday, Stewart attacked Kaine for standing by Leslie Cockburn, a Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia who co-wrote a book the New York Times called “Israel-bashing for its own sake”. Kaine said: “You can be critical of someone’s foreign policy and not be an anti-Semite”.