Thursday, July 18, 2019
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‘Political meltdown’ grips UK after Theresa May’s Brexit defeat

The United Kingdom continues to face political turmoil over Brexit, as Prime Minister Theresa May failed to find enough support in Parliament for her amended agreement with the European Union. Read the Full Transcript Judy Woodruff: And we continue our look at today's vote and where the U.K. goes from here with Sir Peter Westmacott. I think at the moment it means that it is less likely that we leave on the 29th of March, as scheduled, because of today's vote, which was resoundingly against Theresa May's package, but also because, tomorrow, parliamentarians are very likely to vote heavily against the idea of leaving with no deal. And a lot of the signs today — this evening — since the vote, are that the European Commission and the European member states are not giving this away for nothing, that they will have their own views as to how long the extension might be. Judy Woodruff: Peter Westmacott, why has this been so messy and so difficult? Peter Westmacott: The core of it, Judy, is that it was always going to be very, very difficult. But once you have scrambled them, unscrambling eggs is really difficult and a hard thing to do. Peter Westmacott: Well, you can point the finger of blame on lots of people. So — and you can probably think of a whole lot of other people who you can blame for it. I don't actually buy that, because it was the British people who asked to leave.