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Growing calls for Rod Rosenstein to testify before Congress

Growing calls for Rod Rosenstein to testify before Congress

Some House Republicans says Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may face impeachment if he doesn't testify before a committee; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news…

Paul Ryan retains his cynical view of identity politics as he closes his congressional...

He said as much Thursday at an event in the Capitol and has made similar comments before. At a Q&A with Jeff Mayers of Wisconsin political news site WisPolitics, Ryan said: Twenty-first-century technology has proven that tribalism and identity politics is effective. Internet, money has proven identity politics and tribalism works. It’s morally wrong, but it’s politically effective. What bothers me is it’s being practiced on both sides: the right and the left. It’s not that surprising that Ryan criticized identity politics. For years — particularly those tea party years when Ryan began to climb the leadership ranks, Republicans criticized the concept of identity politics as a weapon that liberals use to stoke division. I think identity politics is neutral. According to, identity politics is “political activity or movements based on or catering to the cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, religious, or social interests that characterize a group identity.” Obviously, we can see how something like identity politics can be abused, and perhaps that is what Ryan is referring to, but just because something can be abused and manipulated does not make it inherently wrong. The reality is that throughout American history, groups have had interests and even priorities based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, class or another identifier that, at best, was not a significant concern for people outside of their group.
Mike Pompeo, Paul Ryan Respond To Anonymous NY Times President Trump Op-Ed | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Mike Pompeo, Paul Ryan Respond To Anonymous NY Times President Trump Op-Ed | Andrea...

Following the damning New York Times op-ed from an anonymous senior Trump official, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other cabinet members went on the defensive to deny any involvement. House Speaker Paul Ryan also responded to the controversial piece.…

Editorial: Enough with the dog-whistle politics

In this weekly column, the editorial board celebrates successes from across our region and calls out those who stand in the way of progress. Thumbs up Wishing a speedy recovery to Cincinnati Police Officer Ronald Schultz, who was struck by a bullet in the forearm when a fellow officer opened fire on a suspect who pulled what appeared to be a gun from his waistband and charged at officers. (Photo: Liz Dufour/The Enquirer) The little things can tell you a lot about the quality of life in a city. That's why no one should overlook the significance of what city workers did Thursday when they painted a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet crosswalk at 12th and Vine streets in Over-the-Rhine in honor of Cincinnati's LGBTQ community. It might seem like a small development, but it represents the progress Cincinnati - a city which once prohibited offering LGBTQ people protections against discrimination - has made toward being more inclusive. Kudos to Councilman Chris Seelbach for proposing the idea last year and to the anonymous donor who covered the $8,000 cost. The SkyStar observation wheel will make its debut on Saturday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Banks and will have special extended hours for the Labor Day weekend. Thumbs down Many political attack ads stretch the truth and associations of an opponent to the extreme, but a television ad that began airing locally Wednesday that tried to link Ohio 1st Congressional District candidate Aftab Pureval to Libyan terrorists was an ugly low blow. The 1st Congressional District race between incumbent Congressman Steve Chabot and Pureval should be decided in the arena of ideas, not by preying upon prejudice and tired stereotypes. The voters of the 1st Congressional District deserve it.
Paul Ryan: John McCain 'one of the bravest souls'

Paul Ryan: John McCain ‘one of the bravest souls’

House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks at Sen. John McCain's memorial service in Washington's Capitol Rotunda.
Watch Live: The Capitol Ceremony honoring Senator John McCain

Watch Live: The Capitol Ceremony honoring Senator John McCain

Live at 11 am ET. Senator John McCain Lies in State at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan to speak at the memorial service. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour…
Rep. Duncan D. Hunter Indicted For Alleged Misuse Of Campaign Funds | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter Indicted For Alleged Misuse Of Campaign Funds | Velshi &...

According to a grand jury indictment, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and his wife used more than a quarter million dollars from campaign funds for a trip to Italy and other personal expenses. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan removed Rep. Hunter…

Midwest primaries test Trump appeal against ‘blue wave’

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democrats are fighting to beat back Republican gains across the Midwest as the 2018 primary season roars through Wisconsin and Minnesota, two states where President Donald Trump's appeal among working-class voters threatens to upend decadeslong political trends this fall and beyond. At the same time, accusations of domestic violence involving the Democratic National Committee's second-in-command could undermine any blue wave in Minnesota, a state still healing from scandal. All but 10 states will have picked their candidates for November's general election by the time all votes are counted in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont and Connecticut. Democrats appear particularly motivated in Wisconsin, where eight candidates have lined up for the chance to take on Republican Gov. Once a target of Trump criticism, Walker gained the president's endorsement in a tweet Monday night calling him "a tremendous Governor who has done incredible things for that Great State." "By attacking Wisconsin workers to cover for failed economic policy, President Trump took a page right out of Scott Walker's playbook," said Mahlon Mitchell, one of the candidates and the head of the state firefighters union. Neither candidate was an early Trump supporter, and Vukmir has struggled to explain footage recently unearthed from 2016 in which she calls Trump "offensive to everyone." His replacement, Democratic Sen. Tina Smith, is on Tuesday's ballot as she seeks her first full term. He's the leading Republican candidate in the high-profile race to replace outgoing Democratic Gov. Pawlenty has since said he voted for Trump and supports his agenda.

Wisconsin Faces a Political Crossroads Tuesday. Which Way Will It Go?

The remark was self-serving — the Walker campaign was broke — but he had a point: Republicans never coalesced around an opponent to Mr. Trump, who went on to become the first Republican presidential nominee to carry Wisconsin since 1984. Mr. Walker is still Wisconsin’s governor, still harboring national ambitions, and Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans have only grown more divided over Mr. Trump and the state’s place in national politics. Those dynamics are now on display as Wisconsin prepares for a major primary election on Tuesday: Mr. Walker’s bid for a third term is at stake; Wisconsin Democrats’ desire to deal blows to Trump Republicanism is intense; Republicans are deeply concerned about their future hold on state government; and the very identity of the state, which swings between progressivism and conservatism, feels up for grabs. Mr. Walker swept into office in 2010 as part of a red wave that also flipped both chambers of the State Legislature to Republican control. Unemployment in Wisconsin has fallen below 3 percent. As far as I’m concerned, people are going to ride this red wave. Still, in Tuesday’s primary, Democrats face a dizzyingly long list of candidates to be the nominee to take on Mr. Walker. “It’s crazy.” Eight candidates are running, and the most striking thing about the race has been how little voters know about them. A large sign on the picnic tent offered an image of a donkey cruising along on a surfboard beside a rush of ocean water. In 2012, with emotions as high as ever and Democrats marching in the Capitol over labor union limits, Mr. Walker won a recall election.
Paul Ryan: A Profile In Pandering | Deadline | MSNBC

Paul Ryan: A Profile In Pandering | Deadline | MSNBC

The Deadline panel reacts to a critical New York Times’ profile of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and weighs in on his political legacy » Subscribe to MSNBC: About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of…