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History behind New York City's subway colors explained

Yesterday’s Mayoral Elections: NYC and Boston

The Story: In voting yesterday, Eric Adams (D) became the Mayor-elect of New York City, the voter designated successor to outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio...
Former New York Times editor says paper is 'anti-Trump'

Housing Prices and the Campaign for Mayor of NYC

The Story: It is a standard trope of campaign journalism: ask a candidate questions about prices. Treat any badly wrong answer as proof that the...

Yang the Front-runner in NYC Dem Primary

The Story: In nine weeks, the Democratic Party in New York City will choose that party's candidate for Mayor. The front-runner in a crowded field...

Health: The Dalio Center for Health Justice

 The Story: Last week NewYork-Presbyterian, a healthcare provider encompassing 10 hospital campuses across the New York City metropolitan area, announced the creation of an affiliated...
Power outage strikes Manhattan on the same day of the 1977 NYC blackout

Five Giants Who Left Us in the Year 2019

The Story: The year just past saw the death of five men who played very large roles in American life, especially its financial life, over...
de Blasio: Kids have lice, bed bugs, and chickenpox

De Blasio is Out of the Running for POTUS

The Story:  Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, announced Friday morning the suspension of his campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination for...
NY Lawmaker calls on de Blasio to quit his 2020 campaign, resign as Mayor

NY Lawmaker calls on de Blasio to quit his 2020 campaign, resign as Mayor

2020 Democrat and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spent less than one full workday of time at City Hall in the first month of his presidential bid, according to the New York Post. New York Republican Assemblyman Mike…

Mayor of NYC Enters Race for POTUS

The Story: Bill De Blasio, the 109th Mayor of New York City, announced last week that he is running for President of the United States,...

The New Republic’s May Issue Delivers No-Holds-Barred Commentary on Political Landscape

New York, NY—(April 18, 2019)—The New Republic today published its May 2019 issue, which features a cover story by Liza Mundy, “Women of Substance.” Mundy profiles the current six female Democratic presidential candidates — a historic number — in the 2020 race, four of whom have “a plausible shot at the U.S. presidency.” She outlines the challenges and advantages the women will face, particularly as they relate to stereotypes about women’s nature, their ability to lead, and their ambition to do so. In the post-Hillary Clinton period, Mundy makes the argument that “because they are not Hillary, this group will present a purer test of how voters and members of the chattering classes react to women ... between women whose backgrounds, careers, and accomplishments have nothing to do with their husbands.” She continues: “The upshot will be to encourage the healthy idea that women can be as bold, eloquent, original, irritated, aggressive, vacuous, and vague as men. This is progress.” The New Republic’s May issue also features timely pieces regarding the potential limits of feminist politics, “moderate” health reform, Jerry Nadler’s quest for presidential accountability, and further commentary on today’s political media landscape, with pieces that focus on MSNBC and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Highlights from the issue include: Looking at the female presence in the 2020 presidential race through another analytical lens, Abi Wilkinson’s “Empowerment for What” complicates the feminist idea that “because it’s bad that there are additional struggles for women in politics, it’s by definition good for women in politics to succeed. When a woman obtains high office, that candidate’s ascension marks a victory for women as a whole.” Wilkinson warns against acting on this principle in a vacuum — using female British leaders as examples — instead pointing out the many factors that should also be considered when electing leadership. It would be a wonderful, historic thing to elect a female president, “but what really matters is that president’s platform.” 2020 Democrats are lending their support to “moderate” health reforms, including Medicare for America, a popular public option policy that blends public and private sectors. In “Code Green,” Amber A’Lee Frost analyzes how a comparable system already exists in the Republic of Ireland, where it’s created a crisis of care. Frost argues a similar program would create a similar problem in the U.S.: “[The crisis is] the direct result of a health care system that tries to supplement a public service with a private market. For Res Publica, Jason Frederick Lambacher argues that to succeed the Green New Deal needs people arguing about it in “The Good Fight.” The entire May 2019 issue of The New Republic is available on newsstands and via digital subscription now. * * * Press: ###

Oil steadies as political risks mingle with economic worries

West Texas Intermediate futures gained 12 cents, bringing their gain this week to 0.2 percent. A Purchasing Managers’ Index, which measures private-sector activity in the euro area, unexpectedly slid in April, and German factory numbers came in lower than forecast. FUEL FIX: Get your energy, oil, and gas news updates delivered to you each weekday Oil has climbed about 40 percent in New York this year as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies cut supplies, which have been further squeezed by crises in OPEC members Venezuela and Iran, which are both subject to American sanctions. But the rally has lost steam amid fears about global economic growth, which the International Monetary Fund forecasts will this year be the weakest in a decade. “Oil bulls are in a dire need for further impetus apart from geopolitical developments that are fully priced in now,” said Tamas Varga, an analyst at PVM Oil Associates Ltd. in London. WTI for May delivery was 22 cents higher at $63.98 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange as of 12:30 p.m. London time. The contract dropped 29 cents to $63.76 on Wednesday after U.S. data showed a gain in total stockpiles of crude and refined products. Both WTI and Brent won’t trade on Friday due to Easter holidays. Deposit placed on the Treemont, her new address will be 2501 Westerland Dr C-311, Houston, TX 77063 ... they had one available that was exactly what she wanted. The small 1 bedroom, overlooking the courtyard.“Investors are taking a wait-and-see stance ahead of events in May, including the expiry of waivers on U.S. sanctions on Iran and the OPEC meeting,” said Kei Kobashi, a senior analyst at Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. “It will remain difficult to make bets until May because there is so much uncertainty.” --With assistance from James Thornhill and Tsuyoshi Inajima.