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Trump addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition

Trump addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition

President Trump speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition 2019 annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas, NV. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, and the direct-to-consumer streaming…

All the Women Who Have Spoken Out Against Joe Biden

Last week, the Cut published an essay by Lucy Flores, a former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee, who wrote that Biden smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head at a campaign event in 2014. In the week since, six more women have come forward. Below, here’s a running list of the allegations against Biden. In response to the essay, Biden claimed that he had no memory of having “acted inappropriately,” but added that if he was in the wrong, he would “listen respectfully.” Amy Lappos When Amy Lappos was a congressional aide for U.S. representative Jim Himes in 2009, she claims that Biden touched and rubbed his nose against hers during a political fundraiser. “It wasn’t sexual, but he did grab me by the head,” she told Hartford Courant on April 1. “He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. Hill was one of two women to come forward with allegations in the New York Times, which referred to Biden’s conduct as “tactile politics” in a report published on April 2. At a 2012 at a fundraising event in Minneapolis, Hill alleges that Biden rested his hand on her shoulder, and then started to move it down her back, which left her feeling “very uncomfortable.” “Only he knows his intent,” she told the Times, adding, “If something makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to feel able to say it.” Caitlyn Caruso In the same Times report, a woman named Caitlyn Caruso claimed that after sharing the story of her sexual assault at a University of Nevada event in 2016, Biden hugged her “just a little bit too long” and laid his hand on her thigh. It was a moment that soon went viral, and was described then by the Post as “powerful.” But in the Post’s report published this week, Karasek says she believes that Biden violated her personal space. “But again, all of our interactions and friendships are a two-way street … Too often it doesn’t matter how the woman feels about it or they just assume that they’re fine with it.” Vail Kohnert-Yount In the same Post report, Vail Kohnert-Yount alleged that when she was a White House intern in the spring of 2013, Biden “put his hand on the back of [her] head and pressed his forehead to [her] forehead” when he introduced himself, and that he called her a “pretty girl.” She was “so shocked,” she said, “that it was hard to focus on what he was saying.” Though she told the Post that she doesn’t believe Biden’s conduct constituted sexual misconduct, she described it as “the kind of inappropriate behavior that makes many women feel uncomfortable and unequal in the workplace.” This post will be updated if necessary.

Joe Biden Says He Did Not Act Inappropriately with Lucy Flores

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., under pressure to respond to allegations that he touched and kissed a former Nevada assemblywoman, Lucy Flores, went on the defensive Sunday morning with a sweeping statement saying he did not believe he acted inappropriately but acknowledging that he had made “expressions of affection” during his years on the campaign trail. “But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. Ms. Flores, responding on Sunday morning to Mr. Biden’s statement, said she was glad the former vice president was willing to listen and clarify his intentions. “And this is something that we should consider when we’re talking about the background of a person who is considering running for president.” “For me it’s disqualifying,” she added. Democratic presidential candidates weighed in on Sunday morning, indicating that they believed Ms. Flores’s allegations but remaining circumspect about the potential political fallout for Mr. Biden. “I have no reason not to believe Lucy,” Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said on says on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Asked if allegations should disqualify Mr. Biden from running for president, Mr. Sanders said: “I think that’s a decision for the vice president to make. His party calls it completely inappropriate.” Political pressure began to mount on Mr. Biden on Saturday as Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is also a 2020 candidate, said in Iowa that she believed Ms. Flores and called on the former vice president to respond to the allegations. In her CNN interview on Sunday, Ms. Flores called Mr. Munoz’s statement “entirely irrelevant” because its premise was that she and Mr. Biden were never alone, a claim Ms. Flores said she never made. After her piece published Friday, she said she had been “prepared for the worst.” But she said she has been surprised by the amount of positive feedback and support she has received. On Tuesday, he expressed regret for his role in the hearing, saying, “To this day, I regret I couldn’t give her the kind of hearing she deserved.” As Ms. Flores noted in her essay, Mr. Biden has also faced scrutiny over the years for pictures and videos that have shown him standing close to women and sometimes touching them on the shoulders, whispering in their ears and even giving kisses.

High Point graduate finds key role in Nevada politics

White, a Democratic Party political organizer and campaign strategist, was named the top staff member for new Nevada Gov. This past fall, Sisolak won the race for Nevada's top political post and became the state's first Democratic governor in 20 years. As White serves the governor in his role running state government, she relies on skills and insight she gained as a political science major at High Point University. "It allowed me to be in a place that took me out of the political bubble I was in," she told The High Point Enterprise. "I went and visited High Point and fell in love with the campus and the people there," she said. HPU Political Science Professor Mark Setzler, who taught White, said he's not surprised by her success. Setzler, whom White considers a mentor, sent her a personal note earlier this year when she was named chief of staff by Sisolak. The experience at HPU has served White well after she moved to Nevada following graduation and became engrossed in state politics. "Overall, I think there are more people who fall in the middle somewhere. White has advanced quickly in Nevada political circles since initially moving to Las Vegas after graduation from HPU to take a political organizing post.

Nevada politicians respond to SOTU

The President was unyielding in his demand for American taxpayers to pay billions to build a wall he promised Mexico would pay for, and he failed to reassure federal workers that their lives wouldn't be thrown into chaos by another government shutdown. "Our country deserves better than rhetoric that divides us. Nevadans, and all Americans, deserve a government that serves working families and addresses the challenges confronting our nation together. On issues where we can find common ground like investing in infrastructure and tackling the rising costs of prescription drugs, I hope this Administration will follow up on these words with bipartisan action,” said Senator Rosen. “While I am glad that the President recognized the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions who are anxious about their health care, the reality is this Administration continues to sabotage our health care system and undermine the Affordable Care Act, which already protects those with pre-existing conditions, and it is his policies that are putting individuals like Tanya at risk of losing access to affordable care. I will continue to put Nevada families first, like I always have, by finding smart, bipartisan solutions on the critical issues facing our communities.” Nevada Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV 3): "I came to Congress to work across the aisle and get things done for the people of Nevada. I am hopeful tonight, after hearing President Trump's address, that we can work in a bipartisan manner to solve problems for the American people. We can and should work together to lower health care and prescription drug costs, provide paid family leave, rebuild our nation's infrastructure, and invest in life-saving medical research. I stand ready to work with the President on these issues. However, I will continue to oppose any measures that would weaken protections for patients with pre-existing conditions or otherwise harm southern Nevada families."

Ratti, Kieckhefer join 2019’s first edition of RGJ Pints and Politics

RGJ Pints and Politics is back for the upcoming Nevada legislative session! The monthly event, hosted by the Reno Gazette Journal since 2015, is a casual forum over beers with Nevada’s top state and local politicians. This year’s first event will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 29, at Craft Wine and Beer Bar, 22 Martin St., in Reno. It will be hosted by RGJ politics reporter James DeHaven and executive editor Brian Duggan. State Sens. Julia Ratti, D-Sparks, and Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, will be the guests. The topic will be the 2019 Legislature, the first-ever session presided over by a female-majority statehouse. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP on our Facebook page by clicking here. More: State of State: Sisolak wants Nevada pot oversight board, no new taxes, education spending More: Nevada makes U.S. history with first-ever female-majority state Legislature More: Tales of new beginnings and fresh starts kick off the 2019 season of Reno Storytellers Project

Politics Now: 1/5/2019

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a shopping center. Two women and a man were killed. Another man was shot but transported to the hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this time. Police do not believe this was a random act of violence and say there may have been a relationship between the shooter and the victims. Read the Full Article by Alan Squires / Sep 09, 2018 Read the Full Article by Sasha Loftis / Oct 13, 2018 A motorcyclist has died after a crash in the east valley Saturday evening. This happened around 5:20 p.m. on US 95 near Boulder Highway, according to Nevada Highway Patrol. A Ford Escape was driving south on the highway when the SUV's hood unlatched, they said. The driver reportedly tried to slow down with the rider of a Harvey Davidson motorcycle driving directly behind. Read the Full Article Nevada inmate Scott Dozier dead in apparent suicide Politics Now: Face-off Politics Now: Senator Harry Reid has words for a reporter Politics Now: Government Shutdown Nearly 5 fires in vacant buildings in one week Woman in wheelchair hit, killed by vehicle on Bonanza Road 9 vehicles involved in crash on I-15, near Primm One lane of southbound I-15 at Primm open Golden Knights take down Ducks 3-2 CES will bring huge influx of passengers to McCarran International Airport Man pleads guilty to second degree murder in connection to Aric Brill case Tedd's Forecast: Friday Evening, Jan. 4th What doctors think people should know about the flu Safety changes coming to busy Boulder Highway Local salons react to fatal hit-and-run of salon owner; suspect still at large Sheriff Joe Lombardo sworn in for a second term Friend talks about man killed by Green Valley Ranch security guards Housing market predictions for 2019 Housing market predictions for 2019 Sheriff Joe Lombardo sworn in for second term I-Team: Man speaks from jail about arrest after being caught with explosives An unusual write-in candidate for the NHL All-Star Game Sherry's Forecast: Friday, Jan. 4 What's Driving You Crazy?

Politics: Sisolak Sticking To His Guns On Gun Control

Warren Hardy is a lobbyist and former Republican Nevada state senator. The real reason that happened was because they didn’t just hold their own in Washoe County they won it and they won it by substantial margins. If Washoe County continues to vote Democratic… then I think that Nevada might be a blue state and Republicans won’t have a path to victory unless they find a way to change that. Can Steve Sisolak move forward on changing Nevada’s gun laws? Reid: I think Governor-elect Sisolak was affected greatly by what happened October 1. Is the school choice idea gone in Nevada? Reid: First of all, those in favor of vouchers talk about choice. Well, we have choice in Nevada. Second thing, Warren would have us believe that if we had a voucher program everybody could just go to the private school of their choice that just isn’t true. The other thing that is wrong with the policy is that it has been shown not to work.

The Dawn of the Intra-Family Political Attack Ad

Like many Americans, David Glosser has a lot of opinions about politics. Family feuds over politics are surely as old as politics itself. And it seems to reveal something about how families are dealing with the country’s deepening partisan schisms in the Trump era. It’s no coincidence, then, that this micro-trend is being driven mostly by disapproving family members of Republican candidates: Of the five examples of this phenomenon that I could find, just one involved an attack on a Democratic candidate. “He’s been a congressman for eight years,” Gosar told me. “This has everything to do with him being a cruel, hateful person to others.” David Glosser, Stephen Miller’s uncle, told me that the Trump administration’s short-lived practice of separating asylum-seeking parents from their kids prompted his essay. In fact, people often figure out their political views through their families; especially in the early years of kids’ lives, parents are the most important factor that shapes their affiliations, according to Stoker. It produces better relationships.” Yet as the country has become more politically polarized, families are becoming even more homogenous than before: According to one study, 82 percent of spouses share the same partisan affiliation, and 74 percent of kids share their parents’ views, up from 68.6 percent in 1965. Indeed, David Gosar is quick to tell me that his falling-out with his brother has everything to do with his brother’s political views: They were close as kids, and rarely talked about politics until 2010, when Paul Gosar first ran for Congress. But Representative Paul Gosar jumped right in to the family feud.
Meet The Midterms: What We Learned On The Road | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Meet The Midterms: What We Learned On The Road | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Chuck takes a look back at what he learned on the road the last two weeks in Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Texas. » Subscribe to MSNBC: About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful…