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Science: The Brain Cells that Add and Subtract

The Story: Very young children are taught that two apples plus three apples make up a collection of five apples. In a recent study, scientists...

Health: Helping Smokers Quit

The Story: A team of scientists affiliated with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has been testing a method of noninvasive brain stimulation that might be...

Health: Growing Skepticism about Brain Scans

The Story: Studies based on brain scans, or more technically speaking "task-fMRI measures," have been a large part of medical research in recent years. They...
'Charles Krauthammer: His Words'

‘Charles Krauthammer: His Words’

Upon the death of the Pulitzer-prize winning commentator, Fox News presents the moving and inspirational story of Charles Krauthammer’s life as told in his own words.