Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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“Fox & Friends” Blames Obama for Creating Additional Mexicos

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—After praising Donald J. Trump, on Sunday, for cutting aid to “three Mexican countries,” the cast of “Fox & Friends” blamed former President Barack Obama for creating additional Mexicos during his tenure in the White House. “When Barack Obama took office, there was only one Mexico,” the host Ed Henry said. “He allowed these additional Mexicos to develop.” Henry’s co-host Jedediah Bila agreed that the problem of multiple Mexicos was Obama’s fault. “It was bad enough having one Mexico without Obama going out and creating a bunch of new ones,” she said, noting that there had been a three-hundred-per-cent increase in the number of Mexicos on Obama’s watch. The third host, Pete Hegseth, praised Trump for doing everything in his power to “reduce the number of Obama’s Mexicos.” “Everyone agrees that there are way too many Mexicos right now,” he said. Later in the day, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that, after watching “Fox & Friends,” President Trump was committed to finding out “just how many Mexicos there are,” and that he had put the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, in charge of counting them.

A political ‘bomb’ over drug prices could threaten NAFTA 2.0

U.S. factories that move jobs south of the border. Yet the pact would also give pharmaceutical companies 10 years' protection from cheaper competition in a category of ultra-expensive drugs called biologics, which are made from living cells. The objections of DeLauro and other Democrats suddenly carry greater potency. The need to curb high drug prices has become a rallying cry for voters of all political stripes. Like Trump, many Democrats blamed NAFTA for encouraging U.S. factories to capitalize on lower-wage Mexican labor and then to ship goods back into the U.S., duty-free. North American free trade deal. So the new pact wouldn't change the status quo in the United States, though it would force Mexico to expand biologics' monopoly from five years and Canada from eight years. In fact, supporters of the biologics monopoly argue that the pact might cut prices in the United States because drug companies would no longer face pressure to charge Americans more to compensate for lower prices in Canada and Mexico. For Democrats, higher drug prices are shaping up as a powerful political argument against approving the president's new North American trade deal. They're the kinds of voters Democrats hope to attract in 2020.

Questions arise over politics, motivation of caravan organizers

While some claim the caravan began organically, others argue opponents of President Donald Trump's immigration policy have played a key role in the movement, with the aim of embarrassing the U.S. administration, and its supporters in Central American countries like Honduras. Fuentes himself last week was pulled from the main caravan group in Guatemala and deported back to Honduras. No one needs to pay Honduras to leave. “It’s very well-organized by those who started the social media campaign. The motivations for those in the group also vary. “There are some humanitarian and social groups assisting the caravan along the way. “Food and water security is a major factor in many migrants’ decisions to take the risk of this journey.” Others contend that whatever the legitimate asylum claims of those in group, international law dictates caravans should not make it to the United States border. "For Central Americans fleeing north from their governments, that country is Mexico; specifically, the southern border of Mexico.” Santiago explained that Mexico, with aid from the international community, should have set up refugee camps at the borders to handle the migrant flow. “But most of these people are refusing to go into camps and process as refugees. For the first time ever in 2016, Mexico deported double the number of Central Americans than did the United States.

American Troops and Mexican Politics: Are We Underestimating Our Neighbor?

By contrast, my Mexican cousins in the business world hardly seemed fazed by Trump’s move. While the United States continues to be Mexico’s largest trading partner, Mexicans have increasingly sought to engage the global economy beyond its northern neighbor. In short, more Mexicans are beginning to look beyond the United States for Mexico’s economic vitality. But most Mexicans have long grown used to such slights, having heard about the history of American neocolonialism since grade school. Perhaps even more extraordinary was their unanimous agreement with the highly unpopular Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto in condemning Trump’s move. Peña Nieto gained a reputation as a Trump enabler, welcoming candidate Trump in his only foreign visit during the American elections in 2016. Mexican desire for dignity has defined personal and national relations with the United States for decades, so much of Trump’s rhetoric rings hollow. Economic disparities resulting from NAFTA drove Mexican immigration into the United States in greater numbers than the absence of any wall. Texas retailers felt the impact most immediately. Trump’s call to increase the military presence on the border will only add to misery and death, while damaging economies on both sides of the border.