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Filing deadline drama: Ellison, Omar moves scramble Minnesota politics

The first big political shake-up happened around noon when DFL U.S. House Rep. Keith Ellison came to the Minnesota Secretary of State's office to file for Minnesota attorney general, throwing a wild card into that race and opening the floodgates to candidates for Ellison's 5th District congressional seat. A few hours after Ellison's filing, state Rep. Ilhan Omar, DFL-Minneapolis, signed up to replace him. Candidates had until 5 p.m. to file. "There's things you don't control, who files and who doesn't file," DFL Party chair Ken Martin said early Tuesday as the intrigue rose. He said he would not endorse any candidate running for his congressional seat. Busy couple of days for the hardworking @MNSecofState staff #mn2018 — Brian Bakst (@Stowydad) June 5, 2018 Outside of the attorney general and governor's races,other filings of interest included Joe Radinovich, a former DFL state representative running for the 8th District congressional seat in what will be a closely watched Democratic primary. "I set out to win this race, and I've got my eye on that prize," said Murphy, who right now is facing Swanson and U.S. House Rep. Tim Walz in the Aug. 14 DFL primary. "I've learned over and over again, from my very first race, that competition makes me better and I will be a stronger candidate winning the primary because others are in this race." Some of those who filed on Tuesday Governor • State Rep. Erin Murphy, DFL • Ex-Gov. Tim Pawlenty Republican Attorney general • U.S. House Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL • Ex-Attorney General Mike Hatch, DFL • State Rep. Debra Hilstrom, DFL • Ex-state Sen. Bob Lessard, GOP • Ex-Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, DFL 5th Congressional District • Jamal Abdulahi, DFL • Bob "Again" Carney, Jr., GOP • State Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, DFL • Frank Drake, DFL, ran against Ellison as a Republican in 2016 • Kim Ellison, ex-wife of Keith Ellison, DFL • Ex-Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley, DFL • Ex-Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL • State Rep. Ilhan Omar, DFL • Ex-state Sen. Julie Sabo, DFL • State Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, DFL 8th Congressional District • Ex-state Rep. Joe Radinovich, DFL • Pete Stauber, GOP • Harry Robb Welty, GOP • Kirsten Kennedy, DFL • Michelle D. Lee, DFL • Jason Metsa, DFL • Soren Christian Sorensen, DFL Rep. Ilan Omar's Minnesota House seat • Minneapolis School Board member Mohamud Noor, DFL • Peter Wagenius, DFL • Joseph Patiño, GOP • Fadumo Taani, GOP • Mohammadkheir (Mo) Gaba, DFL • Angelo Jaramillo, DFL • Cordelia Pierson, DFL • Joshua Preston, DFL • Haaris Pasha, DFL Rep. Debra Hilstrom's Minnesota House seat • Robert Marvin, GOP • Samantha Vang, DFL • Cindy Yang, DFL • Alexander Koenig, DFL

Keith Ellison poised to leave Congress after filing to run for Minnesota attorney general

The first Muslim elected to Congress is poised to leave it, after filing to run for attorney general in Minnesota. The Democratic party is in a murky mess | Ross Barkan Read more Keith Ellison is also vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a post he will probably have to leave. Ellison filed the papers to run in Minnesota on Tuesday, hours ahead of a deadline. He is in his sixth term representing a reliably Democratic Minneapolis-area seat. But he was lured into the attorney general race after the incumbent, Lori Swanson, jumped into the governor’s race on Monday. Ellison said attorneys general led the fight against Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from mostly Muslim countries. He wanted to be part of that fight, he said. In a leadership election in February 2017 Ellison, from the progressive wing of the party and a sometime Guardian contributor, lost to Tom Perez, the first Latino to lead the Democrats.