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Our new Politics newsletter: Time running out to get things done

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With 35 days to go in the House, what can really get done? There are a lot of bills either in the House or in the Senate and time is ticking to turn them into law. A short sample of what still isn't law: Bill C-69, which would overhaul the pipeline approval process. In total, there are 10 bills still before the House and 13 in the Senate. Now, the leadership of all Senate parties and groups (it's never simple there) did strike a deal to hold third reading votes on or before June 6 for 10 of the 13 bills before senators. If the Conservatives are going to win the election in October, it will be due to significant inroads in Ontario, where the Liberals won 80 of the province's 121 seats in 2015. and Alberta elections and what they could mean for October's federal election. It is true that the United States and China produce significantly more emissions (they also have significantly more people), but there are also 200 countries that emit less than Canada. Canada's commitment is to reduce emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Email us your questions and we'll answer one in the next Canada Votes newsletter.

Dori: Liberal identity politics knocked Gonzaga out of NCAA tourney

I love everything about the Gonzaga basketball program. Gonzaga was the #2-odds choice — right behind Duke — to win the national championship. But, after this past week, God made sure that would not happen. Loyola-Ill won in 1963. USF with Bill Russell won in 1955-56. And even our own Seattle U (with Elgin Baylor) made the championship game in 1958. But then the Jesuits went off the deep end with radical liberal identity politics. Of course God would not want such nonsense from a university representing him in the Final Four. And so, for Gonzaga, it was a great season. What a shame — you could’ve won it all.

Liberals’ Reaction to Mueller Report Shows They Prioritize Politics Over Truth

Of course, the American people—and, of course, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. At the age of 79, with 32 years in the House of Representatives, Pelosi has a well-honed nose for sniffing out which political road to take. And he’s just not worth it.” Either the speaker’s time-tested political sniffer is so fine-tuned that she smelled the fake news driving the Russia conspiracy investigation or she knew that driving the whole thing were dirty tricks that originated in her own party and that Mueller would not and could not cover this up. Or maybe, even more troubling, they weren’t deceived, and were party to the scam. So despite the conclusions of the Mueller report, there will be document requests and subpoenas pouring forth from Nadler’s committee under the claim of suspected obstruction of justice from the White House. There are many things Democrats do not do well. Stacey Abrams still refuses to concede that she was defeated in the gubernatorial race in Georgia, persisting that voter suppression engineered by Republicans caused her loss. This was reminiscent of the “hanging chad’ recount in Florida in the 2000 presidential election, when Al Gore refused to concede. The American system works, and we have a president who is fixing this country. These are the truths that Democrats find most difficult to swallow.

Beto’s excellent adventure drips with white male privilege

(CNN)Imagine this: A 46-year-old former congresswoman and mother of three, who just lost a Senate bid to one of the most despised incumbents, sets off on a road trip adventure to clear her head. And then she writes a stream of consciousness diary entry, where she is all in her sad and confused feelings, over ... something: Have been stuck lately. In and out of a funk. My last day of work was January 2nd. It's been more than twenty years since I was last not working. A thick all encompassing blanket. But since I came in at night and left in a fog, I had no idea what the town really looked like. And we've seen how they think they must run -- as serious, surefooted, policy experts with big ideas. His privilege even allows him to turn a loss to the most despised candidate of the cycle into a launching pad for a White House run. But the fact that he knows he has the freedom to cast about as a campaign-in-waiting forms, shows how much of his political identity is predicated on being white and male.

We asked 1,000 people what defines a ‘good’ job, and there was a clear...

According to an INSIDER survey, the definition of a "good" job varies based on your politics, age, and geographic location. Liberals were more likely than conservatives to say paid parental leave is essential to a good job. Older respondents were more likely to say a pension is essential to a good job than younger respondents. An INSIDER survey through SurveyMonkey Audience in early December 2018 asked about 1,000 people to choose the factors that are essential to a good job. Specifically, liberals were significantly more likely than conservatives to say paid parental leave is essential, while older respondents were more likely than younger ones to say a pension is essential. The issue of parental leave may not quite transcend politics In the INSIDER survey, liberals were 25 percentage points more likely than conservatives to say paid maternity leave is essential. Liberals were also 26 percentage points more likely than conservatives to say paid paternity leave is essential. Older people prioritize pensions more than younger people One of the most striking survey findings is that respondents ages 18 to 29 were 19 percentage points less likely than average to say a pension is essential to a good job, while respondents 60 and over were 13 percentage points more likely. That's likely because, as Rebecca Fraser-Thill, the director of faculty engagement in the Bates Center for Purposeful Work at Bates College and a career coach with the Pivot program, told Business Insider, previous generations of workers expected more security and stability from their employers. Liberals were 13 percentage points more likely than conservatives to say a living wage is essential to a good job.
Gutfeld on soaring number of liberal staff at colleges

Gutfeld on soaring number of liberal staff at colleges

Survey: Liberal college staff members outnumber conservative staff members by a 12-to-1 ratio. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in…
Moderate student pushed to right by 'Ivy League liberalism'

Moderate student pushed to right by ‘Ivy League liberalism’

Princeton University student Akhil Rajasekar, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, says he was alienated by the left's transformation after the election. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well…
Campaign to abandon liberalism goes viral

Campaign to abandon liberalism goes viral

#WalkAway social media campaign urges liberals to walk away from the Democratic Party. Founder Brandon Straka explains on 'The Ingraham Angle.' FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political…

The central axiom of partisan politics: what conservatives and liberals believe

Liberals think conservatives are evil. I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA Privacy - Terms Liberals believe that human nature is fundamentally good. How about this wild theory: If you lock up the criminals, crime declines. They think conservatives are mean. Liberals, who have no head (see above), believe that conservatives have no heart. The "angry white male" was thus a legend, but a necessary one. Both apparently represent the "angry right." A classic of the genre - liberal amazement when it finds conservatism coexisting with human decency in whatever form - is the New York Times news story speaking with unintended candor about bioethicist Leon Kass: "Critics of Dr. Kass' views call him a neoconservative thinker. Neoconservative but thoughtful and dignified. "Because Bush seemed personally pleasant," explained Slate, "(they) assumed his politics lay near the political center."
Tucker: Hypocrisy is the heart of modern liberalismvideo

Tucker: Hypocrisy is the heart of modern liberalism

Tucker: In the wake of Eric Schneiderman's resignation as New York attorney general, some of his longtime allies on the left are professing shock. It doesn’t make sense, they say. But of course it makes perfect sense. Self-righteousness is always…