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On Politics: Trump Says He Believes Khashoggi Is Dead

Good Friday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today. _____________________ • President Trump said he believed that the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was dead, and expressed confidence in intelligence reports that suggested a Saudi role. But he stopped short of saying the crown prince was responsible. Read the story. • The Heritage Foundation, a conservative group that has helped push courts to the right, also cultivates law students and young lawyers. But legal experts say its closed-door “training academy” has raised serious ethical questions. Here’s how the message is changing. • Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, is running as a progressive. • Pete Stauber, a candidate in Minnesota, could be the only Republican to win a Democratic House seat next month.

GOP seizing Mollie Tibbetts murder as political issue

MONTEZUMA, Iowa -- The disappearance of a well-liked college student from America's heartland had touched many people since she vanished one month ago while out for a run. President Trump seized on the man's arrest in the death of Mollie Tibbetts on Tuesday to call the nation's immigration laws "a disgrace" that will only be fixed by electing more Republicans. Iowa's Republican governor, facing a tough re-election challenge in November, blasted an immigration system that "allowed a predator like this to live in our community." And Iowa's two U.S. senators, both Republicans, called the death a tragedy that "could have been prevented." Within hours, Mr. Trump noted the arrest at a rally in West Virginia on a day when his former personal lawyer and ex-campaign chairman both faced major legal problems. Illegally in our country. The immigration laws are such a disgrace, we're getting them changed, but we have to get more Republicans. CBS Des Moines affiliate KCCI-TV reports Iowa Gov. In a statement late Tuesday, Yarrabee Farms said Rivera had worked at its farms for the last four years and was an employee in good standing. Investigators said they believed Rivera had lived in the area from four to seven years.

President Donald Trump’s talks trade, politics and job training in Iowa

Des Moines Register PEOSTA, Ia.— President Donald Trump displayed John-Deere-green hats bearing the slogan “Make Farmers Great Again” during his visit to Peosta Thursday, telling Iowa farmers they won’t be “too angry with Trump” following an apparent trade agreement with European leaders. “I have to say, because we have a lot of farmers in this place, we had this hat made up. Kim Reynolds, who participated in the forum, told reporters after the event that the conversations about opening up European markets are “hopefully a positive step.” “China has been a bad actor,” she said. “There’s no place doing better than Iowa,” he said. “We have a lot of federal people out here, some incredible people. Trump praised Blum, giving him credit for securing $117 million in federal funds to support flood mitigation efforts in Cedar Rapids. The visit is Trump’s third to the state since he was elected in 2016. “We have so many companies moving back to the United States now, and what we need is talented people,” he said. Kevin Lake, 31, of Sioux City, who wore a hat that read, “Make America Great Again,” clutched a photo that Trump signed for him at the airport. “But in the end the tariffs will work in America’s favor.” The crowd cheered Trump again as he got into his black presidential limousine and headed the 14 miles to Northeast Iowa Community College for the workforce discussion.

Iowa’s first female governor, Kim Reynolds, still gets mistaken as politician’s wife

During Terry Branstad's last news conference as governor, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, who became state government's first female chief executive last year, is finding that old stereotypes sometimes die hard in politics. She gave the women a pep talk, urging them to unlock their full potential and to use every opportunity available to learn and network. She told how a man walked up to her husband and asked what Senate seat he was running for. "It's not me running for the state Senate," her husband explained. It's my wife." He was just mortified," Reynolds said. Last summer, when she and her husband attended an event sponsored by the National Governors Association in Rhode Island, someone talked with the couple, clearly thinking Kevin Reynolds was a governor, and asked him what state he was from. In Iowa this year, there are more women running for office than any other time in the state's history, Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women in Politics at Iowa State University found. She became governor in May 2017 after more than six years as lieutenant governor when former Gov.

Iowa's New Restrictive Abortion Law

The Story: The legislature in Iowa has passed and Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a new and very restrictive abortion measure, requiring any woman seeking...

Iowa’s New Restrictive Abortion Law

The Story: The legislature in Iowa has passed and Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a new and very restrictive abortion measure, requiring any woman seeking...