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2020 Candidate Julian Castro Details His Education Policy | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

2020 Candidate Julian Castro Details His Education Policy | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro speaks with MSNBC's Mariana Atencio about his $1.5 trillion plan to update the nation’s public education system and why it is a priority for him. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking news and…

On Politics: Mueller Report to Be Released Today

Good Thursday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today. _____________________ • After almost two years of subpoenas, indictments and search warrants, the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation will be made public today. Here’s a full guide to what to expect. • Some of the report’s findings will not be news to President Trump. Justice Department officials have had numerous conversations with White House lawyers about the special counsel’s conclusions, which has aided the president’s legal team in preparing a rebuttal. • Julián Castro, the former housing secretary and San Antonio mayor, brings youth and diversity to the Democratic presidential field. But, overshadowed by some peers, he has failed to get traction in early polls. A network known for conservative commentary and staunch loyalty to the president is drawing Democratic candidates eager for a big platform with access to Trump voters. • Former Gov.

‘Dangerous People Are Coming Here and the Good People Are Dying,’ Trump Warns in...

The president said that he had never heard the stories of migrants dying, even from his top immigration and border patrol officials. “Dangerous people are coming here and the good people are dying,” Mr. Trump said, adding that the donors had all told him that the answer to the problem was to build his wall along the border with Mexico. But moments later, as he attacked Democrats for failing to address border security, Mr. Trump said that immigration would be a tremendous issue for him and other Republicans in the 2020 campaign. They want to have open borders.” The issue of immigration and border security has been at the center of Mr. Trump’s political life for years. It is not clear whether the president will acknowledge Mr. Castro or the Democratic rally, which is scheduled to take place after Mr. Trump has already traveled from San Antonio to Houston Wednesday evening. He has largely failed to build the “big beautiful wall” along the southern border as he promised. Under his policy, Mr. Castro also called to establish a so-called Marshall Plan for Central America to aid countries that have a high number of migrants, including by increasing funding for economic development and violence-prevention programs. With his immigration proposals, Mr. Castro, who has also served as mayor of San Antonio, is trying to position himself in the race for his party’s nomination as the candidate who can best combat Mr. Trump’s contentious border policies. “But it’s also helping galvanize people, Latinos in particular, across the country because they are seeing these candidates talk about issues that affect us.” The dual candidacies of Mr. Castro and Mr. O’Rourke are almost certain to place Texas squarely at the center of the increasingly heated immigration debate. But if immigration is at once a key campaign issue in Texas, and other states including California and Arizona, Republicans are betting that Mr. Trump’s anti-immigrant message will also resonate far from the southern border.

A changing Texas means shifting political priorities for all [Opinion]

The 2020 presidential election will tell us much about the future political direction of Texas. The nation’s political future runs through our state and the other booming southwestern states that are changing just as speedily. Last month, President Donald Trump visited El Paso to build support for the proposed border wall in an effort to shore up his support among the more conservative voters of our state. Other 2020 presidential candidates such as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and former Massachusetts Gov. These rapid changes also portend serious challenges that need to be met with consensus leadership. Millions of Texans are income insecure, without health care insurance, or denied access to quality medical care. A plurality of Texans embrace the state’s growing diversity with optimism, according to a recent poll by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune. Texans of both parties have come to expect economic progress as a significant feature of government, combined with responsible growth. Political fights about moderation inside our polarized parties sapped significant energy in the 2018 cycle. Candidates also need to balance what voters want with the needs of the state and nation.

Reparations for Descendants of Slaves: An Issue Within the 2020 Field

"So if, under the Constitution, we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn't you compensate people who actually were property?" Castro asked.

Sanders campaign hits back at Castro’s ‘reparations’ dig, accuses longshot 2020 Dem of playing...

The war of words between Democratic presidential contenders Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro over their disagreement on proposed reparations for descendants of slaves isn’t showing any signs of letting up. The independent senator from Vermont’s 2020 presidential campaign manager – in a conference call Monday with reporters - accused Castro of playing politics and doing “a disservice” to Sanders' lifelong advocacy “for racial and economic justice.” Castro, the former San Antonio mayor who later served as Housing and Urban Development secretary under President Barack Obama, supports the idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves — which could come in the form of tax credits, subsidized education costs or other ideas. Two other Democratic presidential candidates – Sens. Sanders rejected the idea of reparations during his 2016 White House bid, and earlier this month once again pushed back against the proposal. Castro on Sunday took a jab at Sanders' comments that a check wasn’t the best way to address the issue. “When it comes to tuition-free or debt-free college, the answer has been, ‘We need to write a big check.’” “And so, if the issue is compensating the descendants of slaves, I don’t think the argument about writing a big check ought to be the argument that you make, if you’re making an argument that a big check needs to be written for a whole bunch of other stuff,” Castro added. Asked about those comments, Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir told reporters “no one’s got a magic solution. We’ve had an awful legacy of slavery, an awful legacy of racial disparities across so many different areas. The latest polls suggest that Sanders – along with potential contender former Vice President Joe Biden - is one of the front runners in the race.

Political events becoming more prominent at SXSW

CBS News Political Correspondent Ed O'Keefe says these events are opportunities for candidates and other political hopefuls. “If there’s anything a presidential candidate needs, it’s to get in front of a crowd, whether it’s an early primary state, or a potential swing state like Texas, so I think they see this as a real opportunity to come, road test some messages," O'Keefe said. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez echoes this. He was among the figures at the DNC's fundraiser and meet-and-greet Friday evening. “It’s become an iconic national event, and I wanted to make sure people understood what we’re doing at the Democratic Party to win," Perez said. This weekend, 2020 presidential candidates Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar are just some politicians holding events. O'Keefe says these appearances can help with fundraising efforts. O'Keefe says this is the most prominent politics have been at SXSW, due in part to Democrats seeing Texas as a possible swing state in future elections. “Texas is very much in play for Democrats. For a list of political event, you can visit the SXSW website.

Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar announces 2020 run for president

Senator Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, has joined the crowded field of Democratic candidates for 2020 that includes a historic number of women seeking the presidency. The three-term senator, who is often characterized as “Minnesota nice” amid the rough-and-tumble of politics, is looking to be a foil to Donald Trump’s brash personality and often vitriolic rhetoric. She stood outdoors in thick falling snow in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon to declare: “In our nation’s heartland at a time when we must heal the heart of our democracy … I stand before you … as the first woman elected to the US Senate from Minnesota to announce my candidacy for president of the United States.” Amy Klobuchar rails at ‘shutdowns and putdowns’ in speech for 2020 race Read more Klobuchar on Sunday joined a jam-packed field that includes several of her Senate colleagues, including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Kamala Harris of California, and Cory Booker of New Jersey, as well as the former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro and Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard. She launched her candidacy at an outdoor event in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon. A report in the Huffington Post said that at least three people withdrew from consideration to lead her forthcoming campaign — in part because of Klobuchar’s history of mistreating her staff and “bursts of cruelty”, despite being “beloved” in her home state as smart, funny and personable. A spokesperson for Klobuchar’s campaign put out a statement that began: “Senator Klobuchar loves her staff” and defending her record as an employer. Unlike some of her fellow senators, Klobuchar has kept a low profile in Washington. She is neither the progressive firebrand that is Warren nor has the vast social media following that transformed Booker into a star. Who's running in 2020? She has many staff who have been with her for years – including her Chief of Staff and her State Director, who have worked for her for 5 and 7 years respectively, as well as her political advisor Justin Buoen, who has worked for her for 14 years — and many who have gone on to do amazing things, from working in the Obama Administration (over 20 of them) to running for office to even serving as the Agriculture Commissioner for Minnesota,” a campaign spokesperson said in the statement.

Virginia governor apologizes for racist costumes in yearbook photo but does not resign

The Democratic governor of Virginia apologized for his appearance in a “racist and offensive” costume in his medical school yearbook, but he defied bipartisan calls to step down Friday evening and intends to serve out his term. “I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now,” said Governor Ralph Northam in a statement. The photograph shows a person in blackface standing next to a person wearing the white robes and hood of the Ku Klux Klan. It is not apparent which figure is Northam, and the governor’s statement did not clarify that point, stating only that it shows “me from my 1984 medical school yearbook in a costume that is clearly racist and offensive”. The page lists his interest as “pediatrics” and includes the following quote: “There are more old drunks than old doctors in this world so I think I’ll have another beer.” The 59-year-old Northam was elected governor of Virginia in 2017, after having served a four-year term as lieutenant governor of the state. “The Governor of Virginia should step aside so the public can heal and move forward together.” Fellow Democratic hopefuls Senator Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro also called on Northam to resign, as did leaders of the NAACP, MoveOn, the pro-choice group Naral and the Democratic Super Pac Priorities USA also issued calls for Northam’s resignation. The Republican party of Virginia (RPV) tweeted: “What Ralph Northam did was unforgivable. “But I accept responsibility for my past actions, and I am ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust … I am committed to continuing that fight through the remainder of my term.” The state of Virginia has been grappling with its legacy of slavery and Jim Crow in recent years. The next month, a gathering of hundreds of white nationalists in the city turned deadly and shocked the world with images of angry men chanting “Jews will not replace us”. Last month, the Washington Post reported on a small act of protest by Fairfax, who declined to participate in a state senate tribute to Lee.
Julian Castro Talks '20 But Stops Short Of Announcement | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Julián Castro Joins the Fray: Running to Become President

The Story: On January 12, 2019, Julián Castro, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, announced that he...