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A look at Trump's 'unprecedented' Cabinet turnover

A look at Trump’s ‘unprecedented’ Cabinet turnover

CNN's Phil Mattingly breaks down why President Trump has had so many Cabinet-level departures throughout his administration. #CNN #News
Trump's racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen

Trump’s racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen

President Donald Trump targeted progressive Democrats in a series of tweets, suggesting they "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came." #CNN #News
Trump praises Alex Acosta amid fury over Epstein ties

Trump praises Alex Acosta amid fury over Epstein ties

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has been “excellent” and a “very good secretary of labor.” As for Acosta’s future, Trump would only say that the White House would be “looking at it (his role in…
Steve Mnuchin details new sanctions on Iran

Steve Mnuchin details new sanctions on Iran

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin outlined the new sanctions against Iran, saying "these sanctions are all very important for recent activities" and will "lock up billions of dollars more in assets" that support the office of the Ayatollah Khomeini. #CNN #News
Trump announces new sanctions against Iran

Trump announces new sanctions against Iran

President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran on Monday in retaliation for the downing of a US drone last week. #CNN #News
Pompeo: Trump doesn't want war with Iran

Pompeo: Trump doesn’t want war with Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump does not want war with Iran, adding that the Iranians are being "woefully misled" by the country's leaders. #CNN #News
Jeffrey Toobin: Barr's answer total 'gobbledegook'

Jeffrey Toobin: Barr’s answer total ‘gobbledegook’

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin discusses Attorney General William Barr's testimony about special counsel Robert Mueller and whether Mueller had any issue with the four page summary of his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. #CNN #News

INSIDE POLITICS: Democrat dominates as cash rolls into 9th District election

Republican-voting voters from Fayetteville to Charlotte will vote May 14 for a Republican nominee. Boatloads of cash are coming into the special 9th Congressional District election, according to government records and news accounts. The McCready campaign also has a $250,000 debt leftover from the 2018 race, when McCready lent it the money. Leigh Brown Republican Leigh Brown had $38,880 in receipts and just over $1,200 in disbursements as of March 31. The Charlotte Observer reported the PAC is making a $1.3 million television ad buy for Brown. Through March 31 Bishop had spent $6,300. Stony Rushing Republican Union County Commissioner Stony Rushing had $36,300 in donations and about $15,740 in spending. She had $2,500 in spending. The deadline to register to vote on May 14 is Monday. Keynote speaker: Candidate Dan McCready.

INSIDE POLITICS: Most in NC want a new political party

Linda Hopkins (in hat), Gerard Falls and Kathleen Henry protest for Democratic congressional candidate Dan McCready outside a 9th District forum for Republican candidates on McPherson Church Road in Fayetteville on Monday, April 8, 2019. The latest Meredith College Poll says 56.7 percent of registered voters surveyed agree with this statement: “The two parties do not do an adequate job of representing Americans and a third party is needed.” More details: 56.3 percent of Democrats, 51.3 percent of Republicans and 67.1 percent of unaffiliated voters agree with that. The survey appears to mirror North Carolina voter registration preferences in that second-largest and fastest-growing group of voters in North Carolina are the unaffiliated voters. Those percentages are 37.3 percent, 30.2 percent and 32 percent. Combined, those three parties total less than 1 percent of all voters. 9th District election bits Three protesters appeared at this past Monday’s candidate forum in Fayetteville for the 9th District Republican primary in support of Democratic candidate Dan McCready. Anglin could have tried to gate-crash, but an advisor told The Fayetteville Observer that Anglin isn’t going impose himself on events if he’s not invited. Instead, on April 10, Anglin sent a letter to the acting Republican Party chairperson demanding access to events and materials just as all the other GOP candidates. In a letter to Bishop, which Rushing copied to Facebook, Rushing said the NRA limits use of its logo to official NRA communications. As of Saturday, the NRA’s Political Victory Fund website says it has made no endorsements in 9th District election.
Bash on Trump's tweet: Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder

Bash on Trump’s tweet: Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder

President Trump tweeted that his administration is considering placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, an idea that was previously denounced by White House sources. #CNN #News